The skills for youth empowerment project is aimed at transforming the youth from unemployment to self reliance thus fighting poverty among the youth

Reaching the unreached youth foundation(RUYF)is a community based organisation/non government organisation registered in July,2018 by a group of young people open to the world who like to contribute their roots towards improving the livelihood og maginalized communities in kassanda District,Uganda.
It was registered on 30/July/2018 with REG NO CD223/0435/19.RUYF has a strong governance structure with the General Assembly(G.A) as the policy making body to which the board members are elected during the Annual General Assembly (A.S.A).the board is composed of patron,chairman as the executive director,vice chairman,secretary,treasurer and five is responsible for making decisions and approving developmental plans.
The management structure has the programme's manager as the head of the secretariate and reports to the board.He is supported by three experienced staff as an accountant and project officer.The organisation is a youth oriented trying to promote the interests and skills of the youth through trainings,knowledge and information sharing,advocancy and networking.The skills for youth empowernment project will be implemented in kiganda,kassanda district,central will cover the whole district and its neighbours that is mityana,kiboga and mubende district.
According to the kassanda district report,2014 uganda population and housing census shows that the population of the youth is higher than others.kiganda town council is a semi urban area with a high population as compated to other town councils in kassanda district,this is because of being potential area for trading due to its proximity with mityana-mubende road and gold mines.Truck drivers have made kiganda town council a place where youth prostitution is visibly done even during day time.Besides that kassanda district is one of ths vulnerable district in uganda with high rates of illiteracy and unemployment,it is on record that unemployment rate accounts for 70% in kassanda coupled with other factors like traditional cultural practices of gender discrimination favouring atleast boys attain a bit of education.this has led to most of the young girls nolonger attend school hence early marriages and unwanted pregnancies since we lack even one vocational school whereby one can attain skills that can able him earn a living.

Therefore reaching the unreached youth foundation with a big vision of setting up a vocational school in kassanda district as a way of minimising the rate of unemployment with gender equality,we seeking funding to set up a vocational school,buy machinery that includes computers,musical instruments,sewing machines,machines used in hair saloons,the other machines used in catering.One can choose any of these because we accept either materials or in form of liquid cash to support out of school youth between ages 15-30 doing small businesses and empower them to match the current market demand and develop their talents especially in;
-Information technology(ICT)
-Music,dance and dramma
-Hair dressing and craft making hence becoming positive influences in the society.This request is based on the market survey that was done by reaching the unreached youth foundation on small businesses being run by the youth where findings showed the following;

-Lack of skills in quality production
-Lack of exposure
-Poor record keeping
-Limited capacity to convince financial institutions.
-Poor networking and collaboration with other business partners
-Lack of business forums
-Limited knowledge on operations of saving groups among others.


THEME:The enlightened youth,the bright future of the nation.


a)To empower the youth with skills that can enable them create their own employment opportunities and absorb other youth hence more jobs created as well as becoming self reliant.


-We estimate that the vocational school will be producing 200 youth being skilled therefore 200 youth will gain enough skills in quality production and marketing that will enable them produce high quality products matching with the current market standards.

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We're looking for:
10 more partners
from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, AFGHANISTAN, UNITED STATES, Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Contact person: kisembo idd


General contact

Phone: +256701807362 /+256774985546

Project overview

Reaching the unreached youth foundation
taking place
from 2021-03-25 till 2024-11-25
This project relates to:
Capacity Building
and is focusing on:
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Drama and theatre
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Media and communication
  • Sustainable development
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Economic obstacles
  • Disability
The targeted group are the youth and here we are looking for NGOs/partners that can provide funds and equipments(tools) that can help us towards accomplishing our project.we welcome any kind of help towards helping the youth

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