The Effective Use of Gamification

The project aims to show group leaders how to improve their strategies of promoting motivation and success of the activities through GAMIFICATION

Paydaş Association has created a project ‘TC-Gamification ', to propose deadline 26th of April 2016. Participants of the training course will be youth workers and youth leaders, who have been active in the international youth field as group leaders and see a need in improving their competences.

The participants age range will be 18-35, which fits the frame of being a group leader in the frame of Youth Exchanges under the E+ programme.

Supported by the researchers from universities,trainers and support staff,the training aims to show group leaders how to improve their strategies of promoting motivation of youngster and success of the activities.

We need 4 partner NGOs from program countries ONLY

Partner's Profile:
- Experience in implementing KA1 projects
- Eager to use gamification in their activites with their teams
Overall Objective:
Help to increase motivation of the participants in their activities.
Specific Objective:
Promoting youth educators to use gamification effectively

Participants Profile:
- Highly motivated 4 project worker participants (educators, faciliators, coordinators) for each partner
- Age 18 +
- Interested in innovative methods
- The ones who like multicultural work environment
- The ones who appreciate differences
(colors, rages, religions, sex, sexual orientations all welcomed )
- Working language: English

The Project will be held in Zonguldak

- Team building activities
- Background information about gamification
- Implement Gamification within teams
- Implement Gamification to local control group

**** Participants are supposed to get involved in all activities

Bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, insurance and visa expenses all covered from Project budget.

Travel costs:
Project covers the max amount of distances between

Use calculator from your city to Zonguldak –Turkey

If you are interested please fill in the Identification form.

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Contact person: Özlem Kaplan


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Project overview

The Effective Use of Gamification is a project by
PAYDAŞ Education, Art and Culture Association
taking place
from 2016-12-31 till 2017-07-31
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Training and Networking

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