The Circus of Harmony

KA 105 Action - 4 Partners - 40 Participants - 11 Days - International Youth Exchange in Black Sea Region Turkey.

It's a spring. At first there heard the flow of a waterfall in Black Sea area. Breezing wind dances in to the sounds of the drums and, live pure music from the rest of the 6 different planets, each ringing the notes of inclusion, creativity, volunteering, intercultural learning, connection, harmony and non formal way of life! Between the splash a fire of freedom shows up between the fires oh her poi balls, behind her there is another, and a hoop dancer and the contact ball dancer, wand dancer... It goes on and on until the Parade shows up! Dressed in colours, they combine together with the band and dancers in harmony, giving the signals of inclusion and harmony for all!

The Circus is going to be organised by Hayal ve Melodi alternative arts band between the dates of 15-26 May in Ak├žakoca by Black Sea. 30 participants from 3 countries will join this interaction. Cultural interaction, artisitic knowledge, combination of skills, assemination of Erasmus+ are the main focuses of this project which plans to give the message as "the harmony of differences". During day time, there will be workshops on related themes when there will be themed events, chill sessions, cultural nights and shows! Trainers of the theme and facilitator of the project will use Non-Formal Education methods to facilitate participants learning processes and include each on the sessions of each different topic. Dancers, musicians, arts team will be working apart in Studio sessions while they will all unite in Checkpoint and Final Point sessions before showing up in the main squere of the city!

Be the one of all and join us in The Circus!

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