Teenage Pregnancies in the Society

Lack of information about reproductive health and high rates of child abuse have caused the upsurge of teenage pregnancy

Lack of information about reproductive health and high rates of child abuse has caused an high rate of early pregnancy
AIM: To reduce the cases of early pregnancy
-To improve and strengthen the health workers methodology on disseminating information among the young people on grassroots level
-To create a platform of social workers and peer educators to campaign against sexual harassment within the community
-To advocate on children rights within the community
-3 workshops about children rights to the local community, advocating against early pregnancy health camp for the youth and local community for
-3 consecutive days

-Workshop: health workers, parents and peer educators
-Health Camp: parents, teachers, health workers and peer educators

METHODS group discussion, “café” method, planning discussion, expert analysis

-Number of schools calling for peer educators after the health camp, for reproductive health education
-Number of community leader requesting for more advocacy through health camps
-Number of health workers getting more involved in organizing workshops for emphasizing and enhancing the effects of early pregnancy

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Project overview

Teenage Pregnancies in the Society is a project by
Kenya Voluntary Development Association
taking place
from 2020-04-29 till 2021-12-31

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