Seminar "Youth involvement in the food social entrepreneurship"

Youth Workers and Community Workers seminar about youth involvement in the food social entrepreneurship

Gastronomy Society is opening a call for partner organizations which will participate in realization of the seminar for youth workers "Youth involvement in the food social entrepreneurship".
There are too many young NEET's who has very low or no qualification. For expample in Slovakia and Hungary there are Roma young people in the marginalizes Roma communities. On the other side, there are not enough young people working in the field of food industry and food industry together with farming has a great potential - specifically for young people from rural areas or for those with low qualification and with the potential to learn. By building a generation of young people who can cook, who can read a label, who understand the challenges facing farmers, who know the basics of how food grows and how it reaches our plate, we also build a generation of people that are healthier, more connected to our food and land, and better able to support farmers without it costing us the earth.

The main aim of the project is to support the youth workers and community workers with the competences and methods needed to address European challenges in the area of youth employment and in reaching the marginalised groups of young people.

The objectives of the project are to:
1. Share the experiences of youth workers how to improve employability skills of unemployed and NEET young people, especially from marginalised groups;
2. Share the experiences on how to reach out to marginalised young people;
3. Build a network among local organizations from different countries working in the agro-food system to provide short term and long-term experiences for young people (in European voluntary service or Solidarity Corps, etc.);
4. Search for the methods how to increase awareness and knowledge on sustainable and healthy food consumption and about possibilities to use it in the young NEET's employment systems;
5. Search for methods how to encourage young people for the social entrepreneurship, specifically in the field of agriculture and food industry

Dates: 13th August 2018 - 23rd August 2018

Eligible countries:
Erasmus + Programme Countries and Partner Countries neighbouring the EU

Target groups are:
40 participants from different countries: youth workers, trainers, community workers, representatives of NGOs working in the field of food, agriculture or with young people from rural areas, with marginalised young people, entrepreneurs in food industry and agriculture, public institutions representatives

With this project we would like to apply for Erasmus + grant. The deadline for call is 15th February 2018.

In case that you're interested in the project partnership, please provide us with the necessary information in the form in the link:

The deadline for sending the information is 13th February 2018.

In case of any questions, please contact: Mr. Michal Šľachta,

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We're looking for:
5 more partners
from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, Western Balkan countries, Southern Mediterranean countries, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU, Eastern Partnership countries
Deadline for this partner request:

Contact person: Michal Slachta


Mobile: +421 910 992 999




Project overview

Seminar "Youth involvement in the food social entrepreneurship" is a project by
Gastronomy Society
taking place
from 2018-08-13 till 2018-08-23
This project relates to:
Training and Networking
and is focusing on:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Roma communities
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Urban/rural development
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Disability
  • Educational difficulties
  • Cultural differences
  • Health problems
  • Geographical obstacles

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