Mediterranenan-Baltic NGOs for Climate Change and Seas

KEAN wishes to implement a project for the goal set for the year 2013 by UN: Develop a European dialogue and foster cooperation for our seas.

We strongly believe that environmental degradation and climate change considerably affect coastal countries in both the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea. We face the same dangers but with different characteristics in each case. Although there are a lot of Mediterranean organisations and networks, there is not one including and comparing the situation in other relative European areas such as the Baltic Sea. The year 2013 is the UN International Year of Water Cooperation.
KEAN in cooperation with the Volunteerism Office of the Municipality of Rhodes wishes to implement a project for the goal set for the year 2013 by UN: Develop a European dialogue and foster cooperation for our seas. Thirty five (27) participants from ten (11) NGOs of five Mediterranean and six Baltic countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland) will participate in order to present the dangers in coastal areas, best practices in their countries for the protection of the sea and the contribution of Civil Society in addressing climate change and work on potential collaboration and development of partnerships for environmental projects. The aim is to exchange experiences and discuss about new innovative cooperation for environmental protection in coastal areas and seas. During the meeting we will examine the education and training needs of local coastal areas, the ways of influence and cooperation with local authorities, civil society and entrepreneurs and elaborate new innovative mobility schemes addressing those issues. The objective is to disseminate our activities and involve citizens in the efforts for the local development, in the framework of the European Year of Active Citizen 2013.
A Mediterranean - Baltic Network could offer multiple advantages:
• Permanent cooperation between NGOs for the development of future programmes.
• Exchange of good practices and experiences for environmental and marine protection in each case.
• More efficient combat of climate change and marine degradation.
• Cultural approach between Mediterranean and Nordic countries.
• Strengthening of European bonds between North and South revealing common dangers and combating together for their elimination.
The partnership building activity will take place in Rhodes Island, Greece, on April. Rhodes, one of the most important islands of the Aegean Sea will host us and share with us their experience in climate change and integrated coastal zones management. The University of the Aegean, the Aquarium, the scuba diving volunteer team, the Prefecture of the Aegean, the Port Authority and European centres such as EuropeDirect and The House of Europe, will be our basic local partners for the enhancement of networking in the local level. Respectively, local partners will have the opportunity to get informed about European mobility projects and get involved in new partnerships with the participant organizations.

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Project overview

Mediterranenan-Baltic NGOs for Climate Change and Seas is a project by
taking place
from 2013-10-07 till 2013-10-13
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Environment
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Sustainable development
  • Volunteering

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