We are looking for 2 Partners (Special Needs People based NGO) for "LOVE COOKIE" KA105 Youth Project until 31 November 2020

LOVE COOKIE (KA105 Youth Project)

Summary of Love Cookie project

Sharing of international culinary culture with project activities, improving competencies in the kitchen activities of mentally handicapped individuals, increasing their participation in the society and bringing them to the productive population.

The project will be contributed to the awareness of the Special Needs People (disabled) with the description of the international ‘Love cookie’ recipe which carries the traces of all cultures as output.

Project Goals;
-To improve the culinary skills of mentally handicapped individuals,
-To provide individuals with proficiency in kitchen activities,
-To strengthen their participation in social life with in-group activities,
-To develop awareness of European citizenship by sharing with participants from different cultures,
-Contribute to the development of self-confidence after participation in project activities,
-Increased motivation of employers after self-confidence gains,

The aim of the project is to contribute to the awareness of international disability through the recipe of ‘Love Cookie ‘.

No much responsibility for partner organizations

please send PIF doc. to until November 31,2020

Project will be submitted by Antalya Branch of Engelli Vakfi, So project activities will be implemented in Antalya (Turkey)

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We're looking for:
2 more partners
from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries
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Phone: +90 530 459 23 96


Project overview

taking place
from 2022-04-01 till 2023-03-31
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges, Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)

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