Look at the past and build the future of young Roma


Background of the project

In EU society the awareness of the violation of human rights, democracy and freedom linked to Nazism and Stalinism and the dramatic implications of war, today is fundamental to play an active role to preserve the future, remembering and not repeating the mistakes done in the past.
In such occasion Roma have been persecuted as minority group. The oppression and the intolerance towards the Roma in many European countries last for too long. This persecution culminated throughout the Nazi regime when systematically were killed a lot of Roma and other minorities, followed by inhuman treatment. During this period, Roma were subjected to genocide and totally deprived of their civil rights. Discrimination against them and violation of their rights are still prevalent in today’s Europe.

International events:
1. Training course for Human library
2. Seminar on Holocaust and Remembrance Education
3. Final conference: Drawing lesson for today

For the events No:1 and 2 partners can send max 2 participants. However it is not mandatory to send participants on these 2 events. Partners are obliged to send max 2 participants in the final conference.

Local activities
- Research - Youth groups make a local research in their environment about the Roma Genocide, they visit local memorial sites, collect testimonies of survivors, eye-witnesses and different generations regarding culture of remembrance and the social memory

- Debates to raise awareness about the Roma genocide; projecting movies related to Roma Holocaust, Living library events meeting elder and younger generation to speak about the culture of remembrance and the importance of Holocaust remembrance nowadays CONDITION: involving 50 local participants minimum

- Exhibition. Pictures can be printed or local artists can paint. CONDITION: involving 50 local participants minimum

Period of Implementation January - August 2019
Lum sum budget for local events: 1 000 eur.

Partners will need to implement the local activities: research, Debate and Exhibition. Our tendency is the local program with Living Library event to be officially recognize and vitrificated by the national authorities. Thus, partners can maintain with the program even after the project end.

Interested association should send the PIF 24 February the latest on info_romayouthcentre@yahoo.com

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Project overview

Look at the past and build the future of young Roma is a project by
Roma Youth Centre
taking place
from 2018-08-01 till 2019-08-01
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