"Joined in music" is addressed to Youth (16-18 y.o. threatened with exclusion) and focused on culture integration through music.

Theme: "Joined in music"

Participants: 16-18 y.o.

Partners: Poland (OSiW Trzebinia) plus 2 partners

Duration: 7 days

Objective: The primary goal of the international youth exchange will be common searching for musical inspiration of the ancient generations in shaping the image of the present. Young people will present their countries using a musical legends, music stars and classic sounds. During the meeting, the youth will participate in group integration classes using various types of linguistic and musical games. Exchangers will learn about the role of music in human life, its meaning and positive impact on human development.

Elements of activities:
Participants in the meetings will focus not only on the musical sounds themselves, but mainly on the sound of the musical world, which they will present during the art workshops, during which they will present graphically the emotions they experience while listening to music.
- "RETRO - LEGENDS" - music presentations and film projections. These classes will help you to know the mutual musical trends in partner countries.
-Radio Station visit
-Mini Music Festival.
-Dance classes.
-Design workshops.
-Videoclips workshops

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Contact person: Jolanta Król


General contact

Phone: +48 12 644 78 39

Project overview

taking place
from 2018 till 2018
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Drama and theatre
  • Entrepreneurship
  • History
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Leadership
  • Media and communication
  • Music

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