INNET - Contact Making on Integration of Refugees

Contact Making Seminar and Partnership building activity on the integration of Refugee in Europe.

SEYF is a network of youth organizations based in Italy and working in the fields of Human Rights and integration of Refugees.
Since 7 years, we hardly work trying to build a bridge between young people, civil societies and institutions in order to foster change.
As we are planning to submit Integration Network, a Partnership Building Activity and Conact seminar to be submitted to the Erasmus Plus Program for the deadline of 15th February, we are currently looking for EU partners Countries ***with specific experience on the topic of the project***.

As the main project aim is to develop ans stenghen the cooperation among organizations active in the field of integration of refugees, migrants and asylum seekrs, we are looking for motivated and experienced partners. In addition to the Mandate, a properly filled PIF - Partner Information Form will be considered, where will be stated all the experience and background of partner information.

If interested, please send us back to within Tuesday 13th February – 12:00 am:
- the mandate fully filled, signed and scanned;
- the PIF - Partner Information Form of you organization.

Integration Network (Innet) is a Contact Making Seminar for youth workers planned in the frame of the KA1 of the Erasmus Plus Programme and to be hosted by the Italian network SEYF.

The project actively aims at involving 2 youth workers per NGO: specifically, a youth worker and a board/decision member, in order to recreate and stimulate the dialogue between the different actors and to facilitate the process of

Innet comes from all the experience of SEYF within the hosting and integration of refugees and the asylum seekrs and i s a concrete follow up of experience developed within the frame of the Erasmus Plus programme on the filed of the promotion of integration and intercultural dialogue

The project idea comes from the consideration that European societies are becoming more open and diverse day by day especially with the free-movement policy of the European Union and with the influx of refugees in the continent. But despite of these revolutionary changes, some part of the societies remain conservative hence the populace still experience, inequality, discrimination and sometimes hate-crimes.

Upon these lines,Innet, as a follow up of previous successful activites in the field of integration runned by SEYF, is going to create a new concept of partnership based on:
- Cooperative Approach: the project aim is to stimulate cooperation amongst the partnerhisp in order to set up an active nework based on mutual sharing of best practices, periodal assessment of actions and to built up on the practice of participatory planning. Thus, in order to foster European Citizenship and Cohesion on the ‘hot topic’ of migrants;
- Inclusion: the partnership aims at fostering more inclusive societies through a widespread work in the different local communities, in order to breakdown prejudices and facilitate the process of integration of young refugees; moreover, to o foster European Citizenship on a hot topic such (think global), bringing the added value of each country and NGO (act local);
- Innovation: the partnership is going to be implemented on web-platform and a social media strathegy for the promotion of good practices and for stimulating active planning, development and implementation of further proejcts on the topic of integration.

Innet aims at investigating the world of integration of asylum seekers in order to stimulate the creation, develipment and implementation of new projects within the Erasmus Plus Programme, through the analysis of the most appropriate actions to the different realities and situations.
Innet, as a Partnership Building Activity, will explore the possibility to create a strong partnership through non-formal activities that will stimulate a confident climate and will create a strong mood for best practices and strong (human, cultural and professional) relations.
Periplus will be hosted in Novoli (Italy), in the Peninsula of Salento, at the crossroad of the Mediterranean, and it will take place place for 6 days of activites from 17th to 22th November 2018.

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Contact person: S. Accogli


General contact

Phone: +39 328 977 10 14



Project overview

INNET - Contact Making on Integration of Refugees is a project by
SEYF - South Europe Youth Forum
taking place
from 2018 till 2018
This project relates to:
Training and Networking
and is focusing on:
  • Human rights
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning

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