In.Art its a project that involved integration of cultures and through art.

The intervention that MOH wants to do in Bari, tries not only to fight the daily discriminations but it will also try to find the sources that provoke these people.

For this reason we present you an European Solidarity Corps project with Abusuan intercultural center, an association that aimed at supporting the social and cultural integration of immigrant citizens, also pursued through the research for synergies between the different institutional components operating in the territory.

Interculture is the key word of Abusuan's work, as well as the exchange of knowledge, skills, knowledge and ideas and the intertwining of cultures. It becomes the goal of the project. In particular, the objectives are:

• Promotion of the European integration
• Expansion of socio-cultural dynamics
• Minority awareness
• Dissemination of social farming practices
• Practices against exploitation
• Extend the recognition and fight against mafias, all forms of injustice and retaliation at European level
• Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities

Participation to the Bari Metropolitan Jazz Festival, a metropolitan and musical festival, and to the "Festa dei Popoli", a moment of sharing between the Apulian and foreign communities:

• Promotion of the European integration
• logistic/artistic support during the days of the festival: thirty stands will be present, more than sixty artists will be involved
• setting up of the festival, problem solving;
• photo/video reportage
• promotion of the festival: offline/online promotional activities
• chance to perform on stage.

Support to the activities of the intercultural centre:

• Promotion of the European integration
• helping staff in the organisation
• support the staff in the organization of the festivals
• help with the organization of small daily events
• assisting in the maintenance of cultural events
• planning and implementing creative ideas that fit the profile of the cultural centre
• promotion of the European Solidarity Corps within the Abusuan network
• marketing - FB page - Video making
• find and track sponsors.

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Project overview

In.Art is a project by
MOH - Mobility Opportunities Hub
taking place
from 2020-03-01 till 2020-09-01
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)

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