Get out of your bubble

Type of the project: Youth Exchange
Number of Participants; 50 Participants
Dates: 1-9 August 2021

Get out of your bubble brings together 50 young people from diverse backgrounds, from 8 countries. They meet to explore each other’s personal stories, thoughts, and feelings. The sum of their individual perspectives may allow insights into how both historical and present-day events shape the understanding of responsibility in different places and situations in the world today. It may also permit a collective suggestion of how to better understand responsibility in the future - as part of global youth, cross-linked by global challenges.

This objective requires a safe space as a basis to experience intercultural exchange. Get out of your bubble envisions to not only reach across but beyond social, economic, and cultural boundaries that keep people from connecting. Nationality, language, or physical abilities are just some among a range of factors that are far too often accepted as limitations.

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Contact person: Lina benkry


Phone: 620011021

Project overview

Get out of your bubble is a project by
Non-Formal Group
taking place
from 2021-05-02 till 2022-05-02
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Non-formal learning

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