Foster minorities and migrants active citizenship

Foster minorities and migrants active citizenship

In modern Europe most of the minorities are with migrant background. The problem of social exclusion is usually tied to the problem of equal opportunities, as some European countries are among such vulnerable groups. Social inclusion, its converse, is affirmative action to change. Minorities and migrants are victims of numerous and varied human rights violation. There is a need to go beyond anti-discrimination policies/strategies designed to prevent unequal treatment of young people and to get opportunity of minority young people for future and better inclusion in the society.
- Active participation and involvement of minority and migrant groups and communities across Europe, in particular of young people and those communities that are at a greater disadvantage or have less possibilities of access to their rights
- Understanding and respect of cultural and religious diversity as the basis for inter-cultural exchange and cooperation across Europe, including its spiritual dimension and inter-religious dialogue.
- Responsibility and solidarity among minority and migrant communities and among minorities and ‘majorities’ as the basis for further social cohesion and addressing multiple forms of discrimination.
-Awareness and empowerment of groups and individuals as a way to promote and safeguard the human rights of everyone.
Financial conditions

The organizer will provide board, lodging and program costs during entire training. Travel costs will be covered in accordance with the European distance calculator.

Potential Partner Organization

All Programme countries countries are eligible, 2-3 participants from each promoter are needed.

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Please send the needed documents till 27 January

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Foster minorities and migrants active citizenship is a project by
Roma Youth Centre
taking place
from 2017-08-05 till 2017-08-13
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