EVS volunteers in de Hoge Rielen - project 2018

3 volunteers wanted - period of 8 months, 1/5/'18-10/12/'18 - guiding educational and adventurous activities + help at youth domain - stay at de Hoge Rielen

De Hoge Rielen offers quality accommodation (buildings and camp grounds) for groups and individuals, in priority to youth groups (3-25 year). We foster the natural environment of the domain for discovery and adventure.

De Hoge Rielen is – in origin – an old military domain. The many sheds served as ammunition depots. In the late 70's, these sheds have been converted into sleeping accommodation. De Hoge Rielen is now a youth domain, under administration of the Flemish government (General Service for Youth Tourism), targetting youth groups by offering them accommodation and special activities.
This domain is one of the largest children’s forests of Flanders, over 230 ha. It’s a delightful destination for people with a youthful spirit. Each group has its own spot on the domain / in the wood. Youth groups come to the Hoge Rielen for a multiday group activities, a youth camp, forest classes, welcome days, a training,… . The domain offers many possibilities such as: vast forests and nature, sleeping accommodation, camping facilities and camp fires, a theatre, a sporthall and sports fields, a bar and a restaurant.
De Hoge Rielen is located in the forests of the small municipality of Kasterlee, in the province of Antwerp. Kasterlee is situated in Flandres, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Dutch will also be the main language used during the service.

De Hoge Rielen is both a host and a coordinating organisation.

Learning opportunities for the volunteer:
 - getting to know the different aspects (organization,…) of youth work in Belgium
 - learning how to work in a team (by setting up together small scale projects)
 - learning how to guide different youth groups and how to prepare activities/workshops
 - getting to know himself/herself better and increasing self-confidence
 - respect for (inter)cultural diversity and different people: nothing is what it seems

Role of the volunteer:
 - increasing the interculturality in the organization
 - being himself/herself but in to other values and norms
 - giving new impulses and ideas
 - supporting the daily activities of the different services

Attitudes and skills:
The most important attitudes and skills are: enjoy being in the nature and outdoors; enjoy working with youth groups; sense of responsibility, flexible attitude, great independence , willing to learn, able to work independently and to take initiative.

Ms. Marian Mertens
+32 14 55 84 22


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We're looking for:
3 more partners
from Belgium - FL
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Contact person: Marian Mertens


General contact

Phone: +32 (0)14 55 84 22

Project overview

EVS volunteers in de Hoge Rielen - project 2018 is a project by
De Hoge Rielen
taking place
from 2018-05-01 till 2018-12-10
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European Voluntary Service
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  • Children
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • EVS volunteer wanted
  • Non-formal learning
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