European Youth Workers League

It is a youth change project which will take place between 11-17 March, in Nigde, Turkey.

The European Youth Workers League is a youth exchange project (it will applied on 4th October) based on providing social inclusion with sport competitions and a solution to the increasing immigration problem, radical nationalism and xenophobia of different cultures. It is also a training program in which participants can improve their knowledge and skills in this youth change that young people from different countries will come together.

This youth exchange between the ages of 18-25 is open to young people who are interested in sports It will be tried to disseminate sports as an educational and integrational tool with this project. Europeanization and European citizenship will be encouraged with sport competitions.

The expected end result of this project will be to develop knowledge and skills on how to use the inclusion as a means of promoting an active lifestyle among young people in sports. Young people from different countries will increase respect and tolerance for different cultures and nations. The League of European Youth Workers will 7 days and take place in Niğde ; It consists of 48 participants including group leaders.

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Project overview

European Youth Workers League is a project by
Knowledge and Skill Association
taking place
from 2018-08-11 till 2018-08-17
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Sports
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Geographical obstacles

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