Enhancement of Historical and Artistic Heritage

The project plans to equip youth workers with useful tools in the field of enhancement of heritage capable of allowing them a more consciousness in their work.

Bokra Sawa would like to organize a seminar on the theme of Enhancing of Historical and Artistic Heritage in order to equip youth workers with useful tools and skills capable of allowing them a more conscious and full participation in the framework of their own professional activity and informal education.
The project will take place in Marseille, an eclectic and multi-ethnic city with a rich cultural baggage, in which important museums and cultural centres are located whose activities perpetuate the historical-artistic memory of Mediterranean civilization.
Associations and educational services of museums and communities are in fact ever more numerous and need to enrich their activities through the use of a variety of educational tools. Moreover, thanks to their decades of experience, they can be formidable vehicles of experiences and good practices useful to youth workers to enrich their educational and professional background.
The seminar will therefore be a forum for mutual exchange between youth workers in the field of heritage, heritage mediators, guide-lecturers, educational tools, designers, teachers, curators, archaeologists.
This seminar as the city in which will take place has a Euro-Mediterranean vocation, which brings together participants from different countries of the Mediterranean basin.
This seminar, during which European and Mediterranean actors will meet at the same time, as well as archaeologists, cultural mediators, teachers around a common theme, is an ambitious and concrete project that will allow quality human and professional exchanges.

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Contact person: Daniele Tramontana


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Project overview

Enhancement of Historical and Artistic Heritage is a project by
Bokra Sawa
taking place
from 2019-10-01 till 2019-12-31
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges, Training and Networking, Transnational Youth Initiatives
and is focusing on:
  • History
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Media and communication
  • Non-formal learning
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Cultural differences

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