Cultural multipliers

We aim at sustainable development process with the help of animation and informational promotion of the cultural life and heritage of the small rural community.

Within the Ukrainian society, as well as in many other societies, a noticeable process of inner migration is constantly happening, flowing from small rural territories to huge cities. This puts a challenge for further development of the Ukrainian province which, by the way, possesses a considerable natural, economic and social potential. The project “Cultural multipliers” seeks for achieving the sustainable development process of the rural community with the help of cultural instruments, working with youth and local inhabitants, and informational promotion of its cultural heritage. The project will happen on the basis of two venues in Ukraine – Busha village and Vinnytsia, the regional center. Various partners from international NGOs, youth groups to green tourism proprietors and local artists will be involved. The tasks of the volunteers and the partners will be to study, animate and later present the cultural background of the Busha village. For this the work-camp, live public presentation in Vinnytsia and on-line dissemination of media materials about this separate rural community will be performed. With the project we aim to introduce the international volunteers to cultural background of the Ukrainian province, aim for intensive intercultural experience between the performers and participants of the project, for animation of cultural life and improvements in organizational capabilities in the rural community, and for the outside promotion of the Busha cultural heritage. This will contribute to achieving the sustainable development process in Busha in long term and to promotion of the sustainable development concept to other settings during the reinforced follow-up activities.

Vinnytsia is the 10th biggest city in Central Ukraine whih is far from the conflict zone in the Eastern regions.

The project is already approved. And the sending organization is from Macon (Bourgogne). You can directly contact the sending organization coordinator for this call - Joanna Dababneh -

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Contact person: Joanna Dababneh


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Project overview

Cultural multipliers is a project by
Development center Pangeya Ultima
taking place
from 2015-04-01 till 2015-10-01
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
and is focusing on:
  • Art
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • History
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Leadership
  • Media and communication
  • Non-formal learning
  • Sustainable development
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering

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