Common point

The project focuses on our community activities, sociable activities for international visitors, connecting with local organizations and informing youngsters.

The project aims to extend and upgrade the activities of the youth center with the focus on its community activities, sociable activities for international visitors in our youth hostel, connecting with other local organizations and informing local youngsters about the possibilities to get involved in solidarity activities at home and abroad.

The project will include 2 international volunteers who will work together.

Main topics
Connecting organizations in the local community
- visiting various local organizations in the local environment (become a scout, a teacher, a youth worker, a humanitarian worker, firefighter and alpine guide for a day) and participating in their activities
- making interviews with their (young) volunteers/representatives

Community projects
- traveling with our youth workers to the center of the town and its surrounding areas with the MC mobil van (pop up playground for street youth work)
- cooperating in designing activities and tools according to your interests
- working with youngsters of different backgrounds and those with fewer possibilities
- organizing and preparing summer events at the MCI terrace
- interacting with the Idrija locals, residents and visitors in an engaging way

Activities in the Idrija Youth Hostel
- developing socializing activities for the young visitors of the hostel (movie nights, international evening, guided visits of Idrija hidden gems, language cafés)
- developing inventive ways of discovering Idrija and its surroundings
- writing about living in Idrija
- meeting guests and showing them around the Idrija’s local spots

Informing and promoting opportunities for solidarity actions
- creating a map of local organizations and initiatives that local youngsters can join
- presenting (young) representatives and reasons why they are involved in their organizations
- promoting international projects, such as the ESC and E+ projects
- bringing forward the intercultural component in all the other activities

Get involved in the following activities, according to your interest:
- participating in the promotional activities (social media, designing posters, take pictures of events etc.)
- helping out at the hostel
- taking on some technical tasks around the house
- organizing workshops for local youngsters
- organizing open events such as country presentations or language café's
- visiting schools and promoting Erasmus+ program, your country
- delivering workshops about culture, human rights, youth opportunities, volunteering
- initiating your own project.

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We're looking for:
2 more partners
from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Slovak Republic
Deadline for this partner request:

Contact person: Maša Eržen


Project overview

Common point is a project by
Youth center Idrija (Mladinski center Idrija)
taking place
from 2021-04 till 2021-12
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
and is focusing on:
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Environment
  • EVS volunteer wanted
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Social media
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Educational difficulties
  • Cultural differences
  • Health problems
  • Geographical obstacles

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