Call for KA205 partners with topic - First steps towards EU values

The idea of “First steps towards EU values” is to address the contemporary challenges of radicalization and social inclusion in Europe.

The EU has already been running a dedicated EU Youth Policy cooperation based on the principles of active participation and equal access to opportunities since 2002, in synergy with other policies targeting young people, such as education and employment but important challenges remain open, such as involving more young people from a more diverse range of backgrounds, including those with fewer opportunities.
In several rural areas of Bulgaria there is the challenge of NEETs (people not in education, employment or training) who are also radicalized. After conducting local surveys in small towns in Bulgaria we realized that 81.67% of young people are unaware of the existence of European youth strategies and policies and that 69.6% of the young people aged 15-29 had no knowledge of the existence of special policies for the youth. This is a clear indication that youth EU strategies have very low effectiveness among young people living in rural areas of Bulgaria.
The idea of the transnational youth initiative “First steps towards EU values” is to address the contemporary challenges of radicalization and social inclusion in Europe and to create understanding in young people about the values of human dignity, democracy, equality, that no one is above the law and to respect human rights, as well as human rights of people belonging to the minorities. Fostering the EU values and a European identity is indispensable to creating cohesive societies and successfully meeting the vision of a continent where young people can seize opportunities, become active citizens, agents of solidarity and positive change and relate to European values. Those values have to be the foundation on which young people develop their skill for solving problems, critical thinking and cooperation, foster social integration, the inclusion of people from disadvantaged backgrounds and intercultural understanding and prevent violent radicalization. After all, democracy education enables young people to recognize and represent their interests, to participate in political processes and, in doing so, to meet their fellow human beings and their concerns with respect.
The project will follow a very structured and detailed methodology that has already been implemented in the past in small towns of Bulgaria and also includes the power of social entrepreneurship. We want to develop the process of empowerment and social innovation that promotes youth engagement and tackles radicalization. We also want to create an environment where young people will demystify the concepts of radicalization and extremism and will engage them in anti-extremism and deradicalization efforts both individually and collectively within their local communities, an environment that favors the discovery of the individual talents and potential of participants who are directly at risk of social exclusion.
As mentioned above the project’s target group is NEETs and radicalized young people from rural areas. The first aim of “First steps towards EU values” is to create an innovative project in order to train youth workers on how to engage young people in rural areas into the European integration processes. By implementing the project, we will prevent the radicalization of young people in small settlements, which at the moment is favored by factors such as: a strong sense of personal and cultural isolation, xenophobia and discrimination.
Furthermore, it has been observed that in rural areas the public infrastructures are not used in their full potential or sometimes are not used at all. For this reason, the second aim of the project is the engagement of NEETs to create innovative ideas on how to transform these places in youth spaces for connection and empowerment where young people will become volunteers, create their own projects etc. Also, through the proposed project we want to create better links and specific guideline with local policy makers and the public authorities for the integration of the ideas for transformation of the existing public places. In this way there will be cross-sectoral cooperation of youth organizations, educational, public institutions and businesses in local communities.

In the implementation of the proposed project four activities are foreseen, a kick-off meeting and stuff training in partner’s country, training of youth workers in Bulgaria and a multiplier event in the partner’s country.
We are looking for two official partners (priority will be given for partners from Belgium and Romania) who will take responsibility for the creation of the intellectual outputs and online courses. We are also looking for associated partners that are going to use the results of the projects and send their youth workers to the training course in Bulgaria.
Please send us your PIF and relevant experience in the field no later than Sunday 30th of March. Depending on your experience we would like to work with you as a partner or associated partner.

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