CALL FOR APPLICANT ORGANISATION KEY ACTION 2 VET FIELD: EqUal iNclusIon of LGBTQ stUdents to the VET society through ToT and updated curricula “UNIQUE”

UNIQUE identifygood practices and tackle stereotypes fueling gender-based discrimination in VETconcerning specifically the inclusion of LGBTQ populations in it

The issue
Under EU law, the principle of equal treatment constitutes a vital value of the Europe, which ensures both respect for human dignity and participation of every citizen in economic, cultural and social life. More specifically, Article 21 of the Chapter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union prohibits any discrimination based on any factor, such as sexual orientation, gender etc. Based on this, there has been a lot of progress on LGBTQ issues on 21st Century, with the legalization of same-sex marriage and the representation of these people in the mainstream media in the majority of EU countries.
Nevertheless, homophobic and transphobic bullying at schools remains a worldwide problem, as it was emphasized by UNESCO in 2016. The victimization of LGBT students ranges from verbal harassment to physical violence or cyberbullying in all educational environments. According to EU’s LGBTQ survey in 2018 on LGBT issues, more than eight in 10 of all respondents in each LGBT subgroup and in each EU Member State had witnessed negative comments by their schoolmates in every educational environment and especially in VET.
Within this context, EU needs new innovative policies and ideas, aiming at reshaping teachers’ beliefs, as well as building inclusive VET educational environments. Based on this, VET approach on inclusion has to be enhanced by following a triangular approach: Train effectively VET teachers and staff, VET students, while built VET strategies (i.e. LGBT rights in handbooks, learning curricula etc.)
Our Proposed Project
will firstly identify highlighted good practices and tackle stereotypes fueling gender-based discrimination in VET sector concerning more specifically the inclusion of LGBTQ populations in it, and compile them in a comparative transnational report in order to identify soft skills mismatches not only to VET curricula, but also to VET teachers themselves.

Our scheme intents to examine the existent curricula through desk research, focus groups and in-depth interviews in order to develop a methodology through which, we are going to assure that VET providers will use horizontally inclusive and non-discriminatory curricula. In parallel, we are going to develop training material for the VET trainers which will be delivered in the framework of “Training the Trainers” sessions.
Finally, the exploitation mechanism that will be developed, is going to ensure that the project’s outcome will be acknowledged to VET providers all around Europe, to the LGBTQ community and to the wide society, aiming at raising awareness and sensitiveness with a view to a modern and more inclusive society.
General Objective: Developing and implementing innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and promote common values.
Specific Objective: Promoting inclusive education and training and fostering the education of disadvantaged learners, including through supporting educational staff in addressing diversity and reinforcing diversity among education staff;
Main Activities (Act.) / Main Units (Un.)
• WP1: Identification of current practices in VET towards LGBTQ students
• Action.1.1: Desk Research on specific challenges LGBTQ students face in each country, aiming at finding discriminatory promoting patterns in VET (profiling exercise)
• Action.1.2: Desk Research on good practices in the sector in each of the partners countries
• Action 1.3: Desk Research on EU priorities concerning gender inclusion in education
• Action.1.4: Compilation of the findings and development of a transnational report
• WP2: Development of methodology and training material for the promotion of non-discriminatory, inclusive curricula
• Action.2.1: Conduction of focus groups and in-depth interviews, complementary to the desk research
• Action.2.2: Development of a methodology that assures the horizontal use of inclusive curricula in VET schools, based on both desk researches’ and focus groups’ results
• Action.2.3: Development of training material aiming at the diffusion of this methodology to VET teachers
• WP3: Piloting the trainings to the VET staff
• Action.3.1: Delivery of pilot training in each partner country
• Action.3.2: Development of feedback loops and optimization of the trainings
• Action.3.3: Final delivering of the Training of Trainers
• WP4: Development of a strong exploitation mechanism and outreach initiatives
• Action.4.1: Outreach to VET Providers
• Action.4.2: Outreach to the LGBTQ community
• Action.4.3: Outreach to the wide society

Indicative Partners
• Approximately 3 VET Providers from Greece, France and Germany
• Umbrella organization of VET Providers
• 1 NGO representative
• 1 LGBT Community representative
• 1 partner for Quality Assurance
• 1 Scientific Expert
• 1 public educational stakeholder

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CALL FOR APPLICANT ORGANISATION KEY ACTION 2 VET FIELD: EqUal iNclusIon of LGBTQ stUdents to the VET society through ToT and updated curricula “UNIQUE” is a project by
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from 2020-09 till 2022-08
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