2020 Changemakers

We would like to contribute to making a tiny piece of the world a better place. Doing so, we will create a forum were we can act as citizens of the world.

Our overall goal is to encounter others and engage in solidarity activities. We would like to contribute
to making a tiny piece of the world a better place. Doing so, we would like to create a forum were we
can act as citizens of the world.
- Bring youngsters together and create opportunities for engagement in solidarity activities affecting
positive societal change: To reach this goal we would like to get together with a groups of youngsters
from another country to talk, connect and take action concerning the environment. We want to create
a space where we can share our concerns and frustrations, to learn from each other and to come up
with concrete action plans.
- Giving each participant the opportunity to improve skills and competences for personal,
educational, social, civic, cultural and professional development: By participating in the project each
of us will be enhancing our knowledge about the theme, our attitude and our skills that are related to
environmentalism, (intercultural) communication, creative thinking, teamwork, initiative and human
awareness. By putting a focus on reflection and evaluation (on individual and group level) we will get
more insight in our own personalities and the position/role we take on in a group.
- Ownership of youngsters: we, ‘the youngsters’, have everything under control. We want to decide
what we want to learn, teach each other and experiment. For starters, we are all youngsters who
wrote this document. We, as the youngster, find involvement very important. So we find it very
obvious that we are at the base of the program. It is we who Skyped the other organizations. We are
also going to teach each other to create a trust bond that we find so important. From the point our
partner organization find participants, we will skype with them. That way we can directly talk to each
other. It’s easier to understand something that you created yourself. That way we participate in a
project that has our own shared vision and ideals.
- To strengthen each organisation and create a long-term impact on the daily operation: The theme of
this project is a theme that concerns the world. Every organisation is searching how they can ‘walk
the talk’ and incorporate good practices in their daily operation. Each organization will bring their own
specific struggles and opportunities to the table. We will collect input before hand through partake in
workshops, talk to each other and share ideas… During the project we will also collect input by doing
research, talking to local farmers, talking to local inhabitants, group discussions… Eventually we will
bring our new insights and wider perspectives back home to incorporate them in our organization.
- Expand the project to a larger public: By creating content using media we will expand this project to
a larger public. In this way we hope to jump on the local and international protests that creates a
global urgency to do something. We need to act now!
Those objectives can be incorporated under the objectives, principles and important features of the
European Solidarity Corps. The project allows each person and organization to express their
struggles and take action. The project will recognize competences by using the Youth Pass. With the
creation of a media content we will be able to not only affect ourselves, who are in the project, but
also beyond it. It is our goal to not only change our way of thinking and doing but also to affect others
in a positive manner.

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2020 Changemakers is a project by
Koning Kevin
taking place
from 2020-01-01 till 2020-08-01
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