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  • Young gifted mathematicians "Marin Getaldić"

    a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    based in Croatia (Zagreb)
    Young gifted mathematicians "Marin Getaldić" in 160 characters:

    Our mission is to introduce new approach to the education of with young gifted students based on innovative ideas, young people and friendship.

  • Avellino Province Youth Forum

    a Public Body
    based in Italy (Avellino)
    Avellino Province Youth Forum in 160 characters:

    Our organization born in 2005, with deliberation of Provincial Suggestion n.92 of July 20 th, as organism of representation and link of the active local Youth F

  • MOPT

    a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    based in Lithuania (Vilnius)
    MOPT in 160 characters:

    Throw all country we have over 300 volunteers based youth organization working with social, international, free time activities.

  • Değirmenli Primary School/ Turkey

    a Informal Group of Young People
    based in Turkey (degirmenli)
    Değirmenli Primary School/ Turkey in 160 characters:

    If you join us, the project will be more successful. Our school is located in Niğde, in the cenrtal Anatolia. The Cappadocia, world famous with the chimney rock

  • JEF Croatia

    a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    based in Croatia (Zagreb)
    JEF Croatia in 160 characters:

    JEF is a supranational, politically pluralist youth NGO with about 30,000 members in over 30 European countries.


    a Informal Group of Young People
    based in Turkey (ADANA)
    COMENIUS in 160 characters:

    ((((((((Street games versus an inactive life))))))))

  • Youth department of Hyvinkää

    a Public Body
    based in Finland (Hyvinkää)
    Youth department of Hyvinkää in 160 characters:

    The youth department of Hyvinkää does high-quality preventive work which supports young people´s own control of their lives. The main mission is carried out by

  • İnsani Değerler Derneği

    a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    based in Turkey (Ankara)
    İnsani Değerler Derneği in 160 characters:

    IDD is the name of the movement which carries human values of its own civilization environment to our age, integrates them with the universal values of the era

  • Jack Talbot

    a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    based in Ireland (Dublin)
    Jack Talbot in 160 characters:

    Ballymun Youthreach is a second chance education centre for early school leavers integrating formal and non-formal learning methods.

  • Solna Youth Centre

    a Public Body
    based in Sweden (Solna (Stockholm))
    Solna Youth Centre in 160 characters:

    Solna Youth Centre's aim is to create the best conditions for a positive youth culture. Supporting young people's ideas and giving them access to the resources.

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