Society "K-Turn"

The Society "K - Turn" was found as an NGO, working with children, young people and professionals, primarily in the sphere of performing arts, in August 2008.
The association was founded by people directly related to art and culture of the city of Plovdiv. Some of the objectives of The Society are:
• Creating conditions for implementation and dissemination of ideas and products.
• Encouraging collaborative professional practices in the sphere of culture between the performers of performing arts in the region and abroad.
• Promoting the organization, financing, development and implementation of events for international cultural exchange of experience in the form of retraining canters and other activities to support the professional development of young professionals in the sphere of culture and art, but also of amateurs, and volunteers.
• Developing, and exercising advisory and intermediary services, related to art and culture - events, projects and events with local physical and juridical persons, as well as foreign ones.
Basically, at the moment The Society helps the professionals of Puppet and Drama Theatre “HAND” and Art Formation “Dance Mania” in Plovdiv, through advertising, PR, and implementing their projects, activities, and classes.
As an established cultural institution, we have completed 13 creative projects through grants from the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Plovdiv, the National Culture Fund, Municipal Foundation 2019, etc.
The Society "K-Turn" is a partner of cultural, social and charitable activities both in Plovdiv and other cities in Bulgaria.

Past projects

Performing arts - world without restrains

Being part of Hand Theatre's life, you will develop your creative thinking, social engagement. You will become ambassadors of humanity, tolerance and empathy.

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Society "K-Turn"

Contact person: Mariana Angelova


Society "K-Turn" is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Bulgaria (Plovdiv)
  • Bulgaria Plovdiv
and interested in:
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
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The Society is working with young people and professionals in the performing arts. Promote EVS, international cultural exchanges and better life through art.

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