1. The aims of the Association are:

(a) to improve and reshape the civic self-consciousness of youth by stimulating them in being active citizens by creation of sustainable environment for participation in voluntary and educational initiatives;

(b) to encourage and support young people between the ages of 15 and 29 to discover their aspirations and talents, develop them further and turn them into their professions;

(c) to support young people by assisting them to participate in initiatives and programs for personal and professional development by stimulating them in their manifestations related to initiatives in the sphere of science, culture, arts, education, technology and sport;

(d) to stimulate the free exchange of ideas and information of scientific knowledge and intellectual values;

(e) to grow youth leaders and encourage partnerships between young people with diverse interests in the fields of science, culture, arts, education, technology and sport;

(f) to increase the competitiveness and adaptability of young people in terms of seeking and finding information and receiving consultancy related to scholarships, project funding, scientific competitions and other events related to the activity of the Association;

(g) to support the activities of state institutions, local authorities and the media in the dissemination of information related to all types of competitions and opportunities for professional and personal development of young people;

(h) to popularize the activity of the Association among the people;

(i) to use formal and non-formal education methods to stimulate the potential of young people;

(j) to provide opportunities for young people to participate in various international and cultural exchanges in the country and abroad for the purpose of their personal and professional development and enrichment;

(k) to support legislative initiatives in the field of science and education by subjecting them to a broad public debate and discussion. Initiatives include addressing economic, social, cultural and educational issues;

(l) to identify problems on local and national level and putting them under wide public debates aiming their resolution;

(m) to support talented youth with financial difficulties aiming to give them equal opportunities for education and development;

(n) to provide information and guidance to young people who wish to complete their studies abroad but who do not have the necessary knowledge of foreign universities' application procedures and application procedures for financial support.

(o) to initiate, present and promote examples of active inclusion of young people in socially meaningful activities and partnerships with the state administration, local authorities, universities, schools, and all other types of educational institutions and the non-governmental sector that create an atmosphere of cooperation and cohesiveness;

(p) to realize mediation between young people and educational institutions in Bulgaria and the EU through networking and interaction between people from different social strata, different professions and different institutions, aiming at their involvement in the work on social responsibility projects and programs, personal and professional development and sport;

(q) to support young people who have innovative ideas of start-up projects for setting up their own business.

2. The Association shall achieve its objectives through the following means:

(a) implementation of different types of projects, seminars, conferences, lectures and discussions to enable young people to express themselves and to be noticed by the business, public and non-profit sectors;

(b) consulting youth interested in the various opportunities the European Union provides young people with for education, internships and work.

(c) supporting young people in the process of application in foreign private and state institutions (incl. universities);

(d) preparation and participation in projects under the Framework Programs of the European Community and other international programs and initiatives in the field of science, culture, arts, technology and sport;

(e) applying for different types of projects and funding at national and international level in order to successfully achieve the goals of the Association;

(f) creating diverse channels of communication between young people with the aim to exchange information, knowledge, social inclusion and initiative;

(g) providing scholarships and other incentives to encourage and support young people in the fields of science, technology, art, education and sport;

(h) building partnerships between the Association and local authorities, higher and secondary schools - municipalities, local administrations, universities, schools, etc. through active dialogue to support young people and provide them with the necessary infrastructure, team and tools needed to unleash their talents.

(i) participation and assistance in the carrying out of initiatives, projects and programmes which help develop socially responsible behaviour of Bulgarian youth and demonstrate the benefit of observing high standards of civic and personal responsibility.

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a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Bulgaria (Kostinbrod)
  • Bulgaria Kostinbrod
focused on
  • Children
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • European citizenship
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Leadership
  • Media and communication
  • Non-formal learning
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers

Volunteering, creating of youth leaders, stimulating active involvement in social life, establishing of sense of responsibility and promoting education.

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