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Inercia Digital is a company which aim is to provide innovative solutions and respond to the needs in sectors related to ICT and digital skills training .

It is an Andalusian company with European Wide outlets. Its training areas are highly specialised and designed to teach how to be efficient on Internet and how to capitalise ICT competences.
Its Virtual Campus has at disposal courses specialised in the following training areas: e-business, web entrepreneurship and e-learning.

The Andalusian Employment Service of the Regional Government of Andalusia has awarded Inercia Digital the recognition of Collaborative Entity in Training for Employment in the discipline of e-learning. It is also an entity accredited by the Tripartite Foundation (Government of Spain) to provide ongoing training for companies and workers.

To provide the best service is located in the Science and Technology Park of Huelva (PCTH) and it has facilities, classrooms and resources to provide specialized and high quality training.

Inercia Digital, together with various strategic partners, has developed several training programs in order to address specific needs of different levels for SMEs and entrepreneurs:

Program to train online tutors and digital trainers is E-Teaching. Inercia Digital’s speciality with Certificate of Proficiency of Teaching Professionalism of Vocational Training for Employment (SSCE0110) has been approved by the Andalusian Employment Service, as well as the speciality for Virtual Tutorial for Online Training (SSCE01A).

Promoted and developed the creation of the I Master in e-Business & Web Entrepreneurship at the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) in collaboration with the research Group GITICE (Research
Group of IT and Business Communication) of the University of Huelva and the University of Seville .

Inercia Digital works with a wide range of external contributors, entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial experience and accredited professionals involved in the preparation of our materials and in the delivery of our training.

Along with high-level professionals, Inercia Digital collaborates with various national and international universities that support and supervise the development of our teaching materials, models and the teaching of our courses. We currently have cooperation agreements with 12 Latin American and European Universities.

Inercia Digital’s coordinating team consists of qualified, experienced and highly skilled people to perform their duties in their work areas. It is also important to highlight the high degree of involvement and active participation of all members, who daily demonstrate the value of this asset to the organization as well as its contribution to the progress thereof.

The company has several approved European projects related to innovation in online training and Digital and ICT Skills training, allowing the staff to work and continually learn in order to offer always the most innovative solutions for specialized training.
Moreover has experiences in the participation in european and international projects on education and training:


JOB IMPULSE- Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training, 2014, Erasmus Plus, Ka2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice.
Digital Innovations for Growth Academy, Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training, 2014, Erasmus Plus, Ka2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice.
CooperActive, Cooperation for innovation and the Action. Ka2, Capacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, exchange of good practices, Latin America and Asia, Erasmus Plus.


Project OPEN - OPEN INNOVATION in adult learning Inercia Digital was the coordinator of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2012-2014 Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission (Project 012-1 GRU06-53425-ES1-1) entity.The goal is to bring the project principles and tools open innovation adult education (2012-2014).
TECRINO - Teaching creativity in engineering - Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Development of Innovation project (DOI), Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Commission. The project is coordinated by RTD Talos (Lefkosia, CYPRUS) January 2014 - December 2015 (538710-LLP-1-2013-1-CY-LEONARDO-LMP).
E-EMPORIO - Increase SMEs export skills through e-learning - Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Transfer of Innovation project (TOI), Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Commission. The project is coordinated by CNIPMMR (Bucharest, ROMANIA). Agosto 2013-julio 2015 (LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-TR-026).


CABRIOLET - Model-Oriented Approach and Intelligent Knowledge-Based System for Evolvable Academia-Industry Cooperation in Electronic and Computer Engineering - TEMPUS project, Joint Projects subprogramme of the European Commission. The project is coordinated by Odessa National Polytechnic University, (Odessa, UKRAINE). (544497-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPHES).
RIURE Project - Latin American Network for Educational Repositories Usability (RIURE) Digital Inertia is a partner of the project approved in the Call CYTED 2012 Thematic Networks (Ibero-American Science and Technology for Development) where 12 Latin American universities involved and whose coordinator is the University of Vigo (Spain). Inercia Digital works in the collection of educational repositories for SMEs (2012-2016).

Past projects

Young Digital Entrepreneurs Programme: Digital skills for young entrepreneurs

The project supports youth workers to provide education activities for young people in orther to increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.  

Digital Schools Distinction (KA2)

The creation of a network for the exchanging of good practices; to do so we propose a set of activities for the establishing of a Digital School Distinction

Digital School Seminars (KA1)

Creation of a European strategy plan for the development of Digital Schools: a programme to guide the steps for an efficient integration of ICT in schools

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Inercia Digital

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Inercia Digital aims to provide innovative solutions in sector related to ICT and digital skills training.The company has several approved European projects.

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