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Projects and Initiatives for Youth Imago Mundi Association has 30 members and volunteers - teachers, highschool and university students.It was founded in 2008 in the village of Mălureni, district of Argeș, Romania by teachers and young people from the community. The goal of our association is youth’s participation in projects and initiatives that support the economic, cultural and social development of the community they come from, the responsible exploitation of the human resources and of the youth’s potential. Since 2008 until now, we have run a number of activities and projects on themes such as ecology, creativity, european issues,personal development, awareness campaigns on prevention of violence and fight against discrimination,poverty and exclusion,volunteering activities in the benefit of rural and urban communities.
We implemented four projects financed through Youth in Action Programme, action 1.2 Youth Initiatives:
- In January - February 2009, the members of the association implemented the project Protected environment, secured future!, funded by the European Commission through the Youth in Action project, Action 1.2, having as main objectives the transmission and the acquisition of appropriate behavior regarding the environment and the increase of young people's interest in volunteering. The project generated interest within the participants and collaborators, and some of the volunteers and our members today are beneficiaries or partners in simmilar projects in the communities where the project was implemented.
- In 2009 the Association received funding through the Youth in Action project for the project Creation - itinerary towards knowledge, steps towards the future, Action 1.2. It was implemented from September 2009 to June 2010 and it was aimed to provide support for talented and creative young people in rural areas, but without opportunities to develop their creative skills;
- The EU puzzle! project was funded by the Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.2 Youth Initiatives and its activities unfolded between December 2009 and June 2010. Through non-formal activities and theme visits, the young people engaged in the activities discussed on EU topics, learned new things about other cultures, they acquired new and useful abilities and life skills;
I am volunteering, I get involved, I am important for my community was financed by the European Commision through the Youth in Action programme - action 1.2 Youth Initiatives, december 2011 - june 2012, and was aimed at promoting volunteering among young people as a tool for personal development and for an increased participation in the life of the local community. A series of activities on ecology, debates on issues that affect the young generation such as discrimination, racism, drug abuse, poverty and unemployement, workshop on creativity, awareness campaigns were developed by 22 volunteers for 200 pupils and students from the county of Arges. We were involved in various projects and initiatives in partnership with local and national authorities as well as with Europe Direct Center from the district of Arges, Romania.

We have been involved in the last few years in international projects, after our participation in a Eye Opener training course on writing Youth Exchanges. We met there a dutch partner and unfolded two international projects as partners. This is why we now want to assume more responsibility and with the knowledge and experience acquired to develop a project having us as coordinators. We were involved so far in two international projects:
In august 2012 as partners of Scoop Welzijn from the city of Almelo, Holland, and with Babeș - Bolyai State University form Cluj and Child Protection Cluj, we unfolded a week of nonformal activities for children from a orphan center from Cluj - Volunteering for Romania 2012!, 3 to 15 august 2012. Romanian and dutch volunteers, coordinated by dutch and romanian youth workers and financed by Scoop Welzijn implemented a project with a double aim - developping new social skills for the children involved and also develop new abilities and skills required in youth work for the volunteers involved.
Youth Unemployment: Lost and Found! was a youth exchange financed through Youth in Action, that unfolded between 11-21 July 2013. Coordinator , Scoop Welzjin, Olanda and partners Imago Mundi Youth Association and Youthfully Yours Greece!
Local activities unfolded in all 3 countries involved between 1 May ad 30th November 2013, while the exchange in itself, already took place between 11- 21 July 2013 in the city of Almelo, Holland! The theme of our project ”Youth unemployment: Lost and Found!” was empowering youths to influence youth unemployment.
A local PR campaign on the same topic was implemented as part of the same project in Romania. The Its up to YOUth ! campaign was organized and implemented by the Romanian youths in October - November 2013 in the county of Arges,Romania and it was launched through a press conference on 15th of October 2013. Through debates using non-formal methods, more than 200 young people from rural and urban areas were encouraged to take action regarding their own future, become better prepared and equipped for the challenges they will face on the labor market. In Romania, a major issue is that teenagers undertake a exam at 14 years old that determines in what high school they are admitted ( a industrial profile, a vocational or human studies one), a institution with good or bad reputation, and this basically can determine if they go or not to college and therefore the rest of their life.
They received information on the most demanded jobs on today s market, received information on scholarships available as well as on opportunities for volunteering in their county. A online part, surveys and posting information on Facebook groups and on Blogs were also part of the campaign, and the youths were challenges to take part in online debates. The youths that participated at the exchange organized all the campaign but they also took in the organization team other youths among the volunteers of Imago Mundi and from their own high schools. The campaign unfolded through out the district of Arges with debates 3 major high schools from the city of Pitesti and in 4 schools from the rural areas. The campaign benefited from extensive media coverage, which only encouraged the youths and also increased the impact of the PR campaign.
In 2014 we implemented our first youth exchange in Romania, Communicate, connect! For better job, better future! Financed through the Erasmus+ programe. The youth exchange took place between 20 and 29th of November 2014, in the district of Arges Romania,and involved 40 youths from Romania, Belgium, Poland and Portugal.
Currently we are implementing one project on fighting violence in rural areas , 3D Communities1! ,, financed by OMV Petrom, that unfolds between March – November 2015 and involved 120 youths from three rural communities, Mălureni, Merișani, Micești from the district of Argeș. Also, 5 of our volunteers are implementing a project on promoting arts umong young people, entitled UP Art!, involving several
As of 2014, we are members of the Volonteurope European Network, coordinated by the most important volunteering organizations from UK.

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Cooperation between different institutions with schools on the topic : prevention of alcohool use and other risk situations amoung young students and youths.

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Projects and Initiatives for Youth Imago Mundi Association has 30 members and volunteers - teachers, highschool and university students.

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