EU Values

Our mission and values

To support, coordinate and cooperate with no profit and no government organizations engaged in humanitarian activities designed to strengthen global equity, peace civil fraternity, in all levels of human enterprises, respecting every culture, race, orientation, opinion and religion,

To promote education, financial instruction and job goals directed in all age levels, for youth and adults,
improving practical skills and competences in the fields of public institutions and enterpreurship,

to bridge social, economic and religious conflicts either locally in each EU country or globally, by seminars or conferences, publication of studies, or other european kinds of communication.
Our most relevant objectives :

To improve the skills of trainers, facilitators and participants,

To help them to develop many important abilities, soft skills and competences in their professional and personal sphere, using non violent ways and learning
from differents solutions, languages and cultures and
Storytelling showing them how it can be used to work with people worldwide,

To explore and use many important instruments, for example the transformational storytelling, the self interview, the Six colours method, the Delphi method, the PMBOK management rules, the
on line workshop recording audio and video, the on line survey after every discussion between members and partners, participants, volunteers for a successful communication strategy,
the scope creep plan, the interactive on line discussion between partners and citizens after results,

To improve changes and self development, employability competences and intercultural dialogues and networks .

Our target groups

refugees and people with migration background
people with special needs or with fewer opportunities

by doing

Our principles during activities

support and strengthening of the EU society
support and strengthening of awareness and intercultural competences in European countries
support of personality, self employment and self organisation, engagement and participation about active citizenship,
strengthening of soft skills,
support of the capacity to feel what another person is experiencing, emotionally understanding what other people needs, seeing their important things from their point of view,
strengthening of financial knowledge, economic and cultural competences .

Past projects

EU Institutions and Financial education !

This is a Course for youth to promote knowledge of European institutions for job placements and recruitment across borders and to promote daily finance.

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EU Values

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EU Values is

a Informal Group of Young People
based in Italy (Salerno ), Italy (Roma)
  • Italy Salerno
  • Italy Roma
and interested in:
  • Training and Networking
  • Strategic Partnerships
EU Values in 160 characters:

We want to promote EU Citizenship among Eu people and reflect on human rights, EU strategies , tolerance and social inclusion.

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