The Institute of Vocational Training AKMI was founded back in 1989 and today it is one of the leading Vocational Training Institutes in Greece providing post-secondary education, with more than 37.500 m2 of infrastructure in various cities in Greece, including one of the most highly profiled Campuses in the Country.
Every year, approx. 15,000+ active students are enrolled with the aim to study one of the 107 specialties offered in 5 cities across Greece:
• Athens,
• Piraeus,
• Thessaloniki,
• Crete
• Larissa
The abovementioned cities consists of the 80% of the total population in Greece and AKMI S.A. represents almost 60% of total Private VET sector in Greece. It is the most appropriate partner to take on the designing of the study material, the training and the examination of the supervisors.
Excellency has been proven for AKMI S.A. multiple times with International and National Awards, including:
• Golden Award of Facility Design and Laboratory excellence
• Golden Award for providing access to the labor market services in the 2017 Education Business Awards!
Success has been acknowledged with the Diamonds of the Greek Economy Award 2016, a significant distinction where AKMI was for its educational excellence, a high level of infrastructure and equipment and business innovation that brought it to the country's largest educational strength. Innovation has been approved through the Global Education Innovation Award in 2015 from PRAXIS MMT, while all Studies have been accredited from the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM).
VET AKMI ensures exclusively to its students Diploma from the Internationally Recognized British Organization PEARSON. Among AKMI’s key competencies are the vast experience across a wide number of professional studies, the systematic engagement with the industry and employers and the design and running of demand-led and industry informed curricula.
The fields of study in the campuses of Athens are numerous including Technical Professions as well as Tourism & catering. Respectively the fields of study in the campuses of Thessaloniki and Crete, both expertise in fields of Technical Professions, Tourism & Hospitality Professions.
Regarding Tourism & Hospitality Sector, after more than 30 years of experience and continuous innovation, AKMI is the leading educational force in the field. Innovative in all aspects of tourism education and gastronomy (e.g. Hospitality Services, Thalassotherapy – SPA, Chef International Cuisine and Pastry & Bakery Chef and Applied Arts & Construction Professions), it offers European courses in the most dynamically developing specialties, monitoring Master Classes renowned professionals in the field, State Of The Art installations Pan-Hellenic excellence, and providing training and internships. AKMI is the first and only school in Greece member of the World Association of Chefs. Moreover, the only school which was awarded by the Greek Academy of Gastronomy, a member of the International Academy of Gastronomy (The Friends of Dionysus).
Overall the Institute employs approximately 950 people as permanent staff, while it is collaborating with a multitude of teachers who are entrusted with the delivery of courses to students. The permanent administrative staff of the AKMI institution is 170 professional individuals, expertise to inspire educators and academic staff recognized for their innovative research and teaching standards, thus forming an enthusiastic and highly-motivated community in the Educational Training Center.
The qualified educators are 600+ in number having critical and evaluation skills in collaborating with the admin staff for the division of the students into groups and classes according to their qualifications, language knowledge, critical thinking and mindset. The majority of the educators cooperate and manage, in collaboration with the admin office, the total administration of the summer schools, mobility programs, training seminars and lectures, social and cultural events.
The 342 well equipped laboratories for each specialty, the amphitheaters, the classrooms and the recreation areas, create excellent conditions and ideal conditions for a perfect educational result, for a pleasant stay in the school for all our students.
IEK AKMI, has a Digital Cinema and TV Platform, Fully Equipped Multimedia Workstations, Data / Voice Network Infrastructure, Studio Health & Beauty, Macintosh Platforms, Internet Room, Digital Suites, Sound & Music Multiplex Studios, Engineering, Pedagogical Labs, Ultra-modern Kitchens, Hairdressing Laboratories, Ultra-modern Private SPA Centers.
AKMI is proud for the creation of the AKMI radio that consists of an 10-hour daily radio program and is produced by the students of AKMI S.A. in studio broadcasts and recordings equipped with professional specifications. The program is aimed at young listeners from 18 to 25 years old from 35 different countries.
AKMI is participating in various projects (30+ in number) related to VET and among others, aiming to overcome the barriers of qualifications recognition, development of new curricula and exchange of best practices in VET. Especially in the areas of Arts and Tourism provides niche education with multiple training activities, which are aimed at helping students with purchasing and knowledge about how different organizations and companies, depending on the field of study.

Skills and Expertise of Key Staff
AKMI S.A will be the leader of this project, since it has an extensive experience in managing European Funds and implementing large projects. In this project, AKMI is going to take over the trainings as well, since it has an extensive and demonstrated experience in:
• Curricula Development and Implementation
• Piloting · Development of Training Material related to cybersecurity needs
• Tailor-made training
• Needs Analysis: An analytical project management plan is going to be developed for this project and the proper financial management will be assured by the experts of our financial department.

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AKMI S.A is a leading Vocational Education and Training Institute in Greece,with an extensive experience and expertise in the post-secondary education.

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