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Good practices for better projects

Are you thinking about creating your own project? Looking for a bit of inspiration? The good practice project database is full of examples of successful projects from the Youth in Action programme. Search by theme, type, location and more.

How can I use the good practice project database?

  • Read about the impact of successful Youth in Action projects: see examples of Youth in Action projects and learn about the kind of concrete outcomes that were achieved.
  • Search according to your own criteria: click the search button to find good practice projects according to theme, type, location and keywords.
  • Browse the full database: click the browse button to see the full list of good projects currently in the database.

Add your own good practice project!

Did you have a project that was particularly successful or innovative? Did it achieve its intended outcomes and have real impact for the participants? If so, your project could feature in this database!

Simply fill out this form to provide further details on your project and the impact it achieved, and we’ll do the rest!

For further information, questions, and comments, please consult our help Page.

The information in the good practice project database is provided by representatives from the projects themselves. While we endeavour to make the information as accurate and helpful as possible, SALTO-YOUTH cannot be held accountable for any inconsistencies that may occur.

We have 131 projects listed. The latest additions:

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