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SMS “Show My Skills”

Training Course

25-30 September 2015 | Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Training course on personal development plan,leadership,social entrepreneurship, communicate through an environment of non-formal learning, intercultural and outdoor experiential learning and designed for young people active in youth organizations.
“Show My Skills” is a 6-day seminar about youth empowerment. The seminar aims to help participants recognize their life paths, therefore understanding their life competencies and foreseeing their role in social innovation in a global society. It starts with an individual approach to a global result and it is intended to give tools for the participants to develop future projects in the field social entrepreneurship. The aim of the training course is to focus on the mobility of youth and Learn to pay attention to a Personal development Plan and recognize the full impact of learning mobility in their societies The objectives: * To provide participants with different tools of education for acquiring their knowledge and developing skills and competencies. * To Learn about the non-formal learning method and different tools used in youth work and working with groups in outdoor activities connecting with a spectacular natural environment. * Develop participants to become aware of what they need to achieve. It will be useful to record their values and principles and reflect it to their mission in life. * Encourage the participants to use their creativity to express ideas and provide them with a platform for their creative work,networks * Encourage work in international cooperation projects, and empower them to become great leaders. * raising awareness of the participants in their individual impact in social reality . Methodology 'Show my skills' will communicate through 4 key topics using non formal learning with intercultural and outdoor experiential learning * Key 1 Day 1 - (Presentation) the facilitator will use activities for the presentation of the group, the team,program and objectives -(Team building activities) getting to know each other and a building a group - (Life line ) use activity for understanding of participants’ life paths * Key 2 Day 2 - (My Skills) the facilitator will use activities to recognition of participant’s skills - (My Future) milestones for a life project * Key 3 Day 3 -(The world looking at me ) understanding the world around us and its impact on us. -(My-Our world ) raising awareness of our individual impact in social reality . * Key 4 Day 4 - (what we can do ) understanding the role as youth leaders in social innovation. - (what we will do ) creation of future activities and projects to be developed in the future. - (evaluation of the meeting ) Target group: The Training course is open for youth workers, youth leader’s, young entrepreneurs. young people active in youth organizations, volunteering, project managers This is an urgent call ,We are looking for 10 more participants. For more information download the PDF file . Email: info.smsitc@gmail.com

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 46 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries , Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, young entrepreneurs ,Young People active in youth organizations, volunteering.

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MI HI For Training And Development (Youth NGO)

MI-HI (Make It Happen Infinity) is a social enterprise and youth organization that is designed
to empower youth and take them out of their comfort zone to explore new possibilities of personal development. We are engaged in youth exchange, education, cultural and social trainings, language trainings, volunteering, environmental rights, and development work, especially focusing on the mobility of youth.
The organization is opening a new door to provide training and help young people in acquiring knowledge and developing skills and competencies. Furthermore, it seeks to build communication and intercultural dialogue among young people from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

Contact for questions:

Ibrahim Elrefaei

Website: http://mihiyoutho.wix.com/mihiyoutho



Phone: +201009197710


Participation fees: 250 Euro The fees are covering. Courses, material, certificates. Accommodation for four nights in Siwa Dream Lodge Hotel. Transportation from Cairo or Alexandria International Airports. Transportation by bus from Alexandria, duration: 8 hours to Siwa . Full Board - meals and tea breaks. Tourist destinations, trip to the desert. Social Activities. Participants have to cover their own travel costs. In case you need a visa to Egypt - we will provide you the invitation letter. Note : (The training course are 6 days including travel days If you want to arrive earlier or leave later and you need accommodation, contact us before the training, so that we can help you find a place to stay.
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