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ADV-ENT-ure: Joint venture for ENTER ADVocacy

Training Course

12-18 November 2017 | EUROPEAN YOUTH CENTER-STRASBOURG, France

ADV-ENT-ure:Joint venture for ENTER ADVocacy is a study session that aims to increase the capacities of youth councils to improve: access on social rights of young people and the implementation of the Recommendation CM/REC(2015)3
In January 2015, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted the Recommendation CM/REC (2015)3 - Access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights based on the approaches and proposals of the ENTER! Project. The Recommendation focuses on different areas and they promote the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights. Youth Social Rights Network and Youth Express Network have been involved in the ENTER! Project since its origin, both working at local and European levels on social inclusion and access to social rights of young people. Having this in mind and also believing that together we can make bigger impact than the one we can do acting on our own, we joined the forces of our 2 networks in promoting the Recommendation as a tool for social inclusion and equip young people with knowledge, skills and meaningful attitude to promote and use them in their communities. With this activity, we want to reach out youth councils - target groups that in our belief are one of the key players in advocating for implementation of the Recommendation, working at local or national level closely with (or even directly inside) local authorities and representing young people and youth organisations. The aim of this study session is to increase the capacities of youth councils to improve: access on social rights of young people and the implementation of the Recommendation CM/REC(2015)3 . Objectives: - To deepen their knowledge and understanding of social rights and map ways of addressing social rights challenges in different realities; - To introduce Recommendation to youth councils; - To map what is already being done, what needs to be improved, what needs to be started in relation to Recommendation in different realities; - To increase competences for advocating and draft plans and tools for improvement of access to social rights and implementation of the CM/REC (2015)3 Recommendation at local level. Profile of participants 1. Members of national, regional and local youth councils: - Interested in Social Rights - Motivated to cooperate with youth organizations 2. Members of youth organizations and youth workers focusing on: - Social rights - Disadvantaged neighbourhoods 3. Working proficiency in English; 4. Coming from Council of Europe member states 5. Being up to 30 years old (according to the regulation from the Youth Department of the Council of Europe 25% of the participants can be over 30 years old) Maximum number of participants: 35. Selected participants are expected to act like multipliers and implement a local follow up action plan in line with the CM/REC (2015)3 Recommendation addressed in the study session, under mentoring and supervision by Youth Social Rights Network and Youth Express Network. Deadline Candidates should complete the online application and submit it no later than August 15th 2017. Link to the application form -> Application All applicants will be informed for the results no later than September 15th 2017. For further information and/or support please feel free to contact us on

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Training overview

This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 35 participants

from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Youth councils (International, Regional, National, Local)

Working language(s):




Y-SRN is an international network working on improvement of access to social rights for all young people (particularly young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods deprived of some of the basic necessities and/ or young people facing variety of disadvantages).
Y-SRN’s mission is to improve the access to social rights, social inclusion and participation of young people; (particularly those from disadvantaged neighbourhoods or those facing disadvantage), while protecting young people of all forms of discrimination and violence.



Contact for questions:

Maria Roidi




Phone: +306974147982


Technical details a. Dates and place The meeting will take place in November 12th to 18th 2016 in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. Participants are expected to arrive on 12th and depart on 18th November. b. Travel Travel expenses are borne by the Youth Department, in accordance with its financial provisions. Reimbursement to participants is normally made at the end of the session. Participants will be asked to present their tickets and other supporting material on the first day of the meeting (original invoices, original receipts, in the case of e-tickets documentary evidence of the sum actually paid e.g. copy of credit card slip, copies of visas, proof of purchase) and will only be reimbursed travel costs calculated on the basis of the financial arrangements of the Youth Department. Participants receiving cash reimbursements at the EYC in Strasbourg must collect the money themselves at the bank of the Council of Europe. Reimbursement takes place in EUROS (€) and no other currency. Participants need to be present at least 80% of the meeting in order to receive reimbursement. c. Board and Lodging Board and lodging is provided at the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg for the duration of the session. d. Enrolment fee The enrolment fee for study sessions is € 50 per participant. The fee is deducted from the refund of travel expenses. All persons attending this meeting must complete a travel reimbursement form even when there are no travel expenses and pay the enrolment fee due to the Youth Department of the Council of Europe before the end of the meeting. e. Insurance The Youth Department of the Council of Europe and the Youth Social Rights Network decline all responsibility for any risk that can occur to participants during their journey, or during their stay at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. Individual insurance or collective insurance against all risks is therefore necessary, the latter to be arranged by participants. There is a Social Security Convention on sickness insurance for member states of the European Union. Nationals of these countries can obtain the necessary documentation (European Health Insurance Card). Daily programme Participants will receive detailed daily programme of the meeting and all other relevant documents prior to the event. Language Official language of the study session is English.
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