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INTERNATIONAL TOOL FAIR XV - Back to the future - Call for proposals for Tool to Explore

SALTO EuroMed RC / Portuguese NA is looking for

Between 4 & 6 facilitators/trainers

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The XV edition of the International Tool Fair, that will be held in Vila Nova de Gaia  (Portugal) from 4th to 8th October 2021, will explore the themes connected to the various risk factors that youth work faced and which will be addressed in the next future. Given the situation of social, cultural and economic fragility, practitioners dealing with youth education need to equip themselves with increasingly sophisticated and effective tools for learning that can help to cope with today's changes and challenges. The risk factors are diverse and complex: we are facing the serious crisis of COVID-19, but also others such as environmental, democratic and human rights issues. The International Tool Fair XV will try to address this present time by putting educational tools at the centre as an opportunity for exchange and professional growth.

In the frame of the preparation of the International Tool Fair XV, SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre and the Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus+ as organisers, together with the steering group of NAs supporting the event, are launching  the present call for youth workers, trainers and practitioners interested to design and facilitate a workshop of 3 sessions introducing an educational tool already experimented in their activities

Please note that this is a call for experts. A different call for participants interested to take part to the ITF XV and present their tool in a workshop will be issued later on.

Requested trainer profile

What do we mean for Tool to Explore?

Tools-to-Explore sessions are an opportunity for participants to go deeper into understanding and developing tools/approaches around a particular theme or sub-theme. Unlike a normal Tools Workshop session, Tools-to-Explore is a pathway composed of multiple sessions and addressed to the same group of participants, sized between 15 and 20. The participants sign-up to attend 3 x 1.5 hours consecutive sessions with the same facilitator.

What we are highlighting below are the key aspects that all Tools to Explore should follow in order to ensure coherence among them:

1.       One among the main themes of the Tool to Explore of  the International Tool Fair 2021 shoud be present in your proposal: 
●      Environmental engagement of youth
●      Holistic wellbeing of youth
●      Digital transition (adapting tools from offline to online and vice versa)

2.     There should be a clear flow of the 3 sessions. Although they will be  not all one after the other in the programme, they should all be linked into a meaningful whole.

3.   The overall process should be interactive and engaging and participants should not be the mere spectators. It is up to you to decide on the flow and the choice of methods in order to ensure this.

4.    In the session 3, but also before if applicable, participants should be engaged in creating something applicable for their reality. Therefore, transferability of the tool/approach needs to be very clearly addressed.

5.    At the end of the International Tool Fair XV, you will be required to send to the organisers an article for 3.500 characters about the essence of the approach or the methodology that you had presented in your Tool to Explore, to be published in the Tools for Learning Magazine

In case you will be selected, you will be accompanied by a Tool Coach, who will support you in preparation and in reflecting about the overall process. Your Tool Coach will be included in each e-mail communication and you will meet them on the first day of the ITF XV to agree on how you would go about this process of feedback.

Working conditions

Time frame & conditions 

The selection and preparation process will follow the following deadlines:

  • You can apply by 26.03.2021
  • You will receive the results of the selection by 16.04.2021

If selected, you will be contractualised by the SALTO EuroMed RC's training provider.

If selected you will be assigned to a Tool Coach.

If selected, you will have to be from 4th to 8th October 2021 in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Fee: 1.000€ all taxes included (travel and accommodation will be covered by organisers)

For any questions, please do refer to 

Team composition

Organisers' team

"TF Talks'" presenters + coach

"Tool to Explore" trainers

Tool Coaches

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 26.03.2021
How to apply:

How to apply

You will be informed about the selection by: 16.04.2021


For more information

Stéphanie JAKUBOWSKI, Project Officer
Phone: +33


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