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European Academy on Youth Work, 2nd edition - Call for facilitators and rapporteur

MOVIT - Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+, youth chapter, and the European Solidarity Corps is looking for

3 facilitators, including 1 digital facilitator, and 1 rapporteur

Application deadline:

14 April 2021


The EAYW is an initiative of National Agencies of the EU Programme Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps as well as of SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres. The EAYW aims to support innovation in youth work and youth work policy, to promote the development of quality youth work and to contribute to creating a common ground on youth work and youth work policy.

The EAYW offers a regular platform for the European youth work community of practice to reflect, exchange and gather knowledge on current European topics, trends and developments with relevance to the youth field. It wants to enable learning about why, when and how innovation in youth work happens and when innovative approaches and practices taken in the youth work field are successful in responding to current developments and challenges faced by young people across Europe.

The EAYW targets youth workers as well as professionals in areas with relevance for the youth sector, such as youth work policy and public services, National Agencies and other youth work structures, [I]NGOs as a well as science and research.

About the 2nd edition of the EAYW

The 2nd EAYW event follows the successful 1st pilot edition, which was organised in May 2019 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, and brought together around 170 professionals from youth work practice, research and policy. 36 innovative practices in and related to youth work were presented and discussed in relation to current trends and developments. 

The 2nd edition will build on the experiences of the first EAYW event, but also intends to go a step further by putting a stronger emphasis on learning about the mechanisms that spark and support innovation in youth work as a response to challenges and changing realities faced by societies and young people. It aims to offer a space for knowledge-building through peer learning and exchange, and networking, in particular:

  • To jointly explore what are the main challenges and trends in and of relevance for youth work that are calling for and leading to new, innovative and creative approaches and developments;
  • To showcase innovative practices, approaches, concepts and strategies developed in response to these challenges and trends;
  • Based on the presented innovative examples and other inputs during the event as well as current research on the topic of innovation in youth work, to find out more about how innovation has evolved in youth work, and which conditions are needed by young people, youth workers, organisations working with young people and other relevant stakeholders to spark and sustain innovative and impactful approaches, practices or strategies and
  • To produce outcomes of the reflections and discussions during the event, which will support further developments related to innovation in youth work.

More information can be found in the attached EAYW fact sheet.

Requested trainer profile

With this call, we are looking for 3 facilitators (including a digital facilitator) and a rapporteur for the 2nd edition of the EAYW (2 - 5 November, Slovenia).

Role and tasks & expectations


The facilitators will be jointly responsible

  • for developing the programme of the EAYW event in close communication with the coordinator of the EAYW, the EAYW communications expert, the rapporteur and other members of the preparation team.
  • for the overall implementation of the programme (moderating plenary and other working sessions, briefing experts and facilitators/ people supporting the implementation of smaller workshops, integrating digital tools into the overall facilitation and learning processes including a preparatory process of knowledge gathering in the period leading up to the event, final participant’s evaluation etc.).

A key element of the preparatory process and the development of the programme will be to work out the overall framework and concept for placing the different contributions and expert inputs into a coherent programme, which enables reflection and peer learning towards structured outcomes, which can contribute to the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda through the Bonn process.

The digital facilitator will work together with the other two facilitators and will be responsible for creating digital support for the event according to the needs and objectives defined by the facilitation team, in particular:

  • To identify, prepare and take care of usage of digital tools to be used prior to the event and during the programme in order to support the process of knowledge building and keeping track of reflections and discussion and final evaluation outcomes to be used for the final report. Specific objectives and tools will be identified during the preparatory process.
  • To ensure smooth communication among the group of participants during and in the period leading up to the event
  • To work in close communication with the EAYW communications expert who will be in charge of ensuring communication of the EAYW with the wider public.

Facilitators are expected to have:

  • Sound experience in moderating/facilitating large-scale events for different stakeholders, in English language, in European youth work and/or related fields and  
  • Knowledge of main themes and developments in European youth work

All facilitators should be able to use digital tools in international educational events. The digital facilitator should have experience and the ability to propose and use digital tools, potentially in combination with social media, to support communication among participants, the implementation of the programme and the production of outcomes, and to adjust programme implementation processes accordingly.



The rapporteur will be engaged to write:

  • A pre-event report analysing the proposed contributions (innovative practices) before the event with a view to identifying current trends and responses to developments and challenges given by the youth work sector and
  • A post-event report based on the pre-event report and integrating the outcomes of the EAYW event.

S/he should also prepare a structure for the summary report of each contribution. All contributions will be compiled and published separately after the event.

The structure and logic of analysis of the report should be in line with the programme structure of the event. It will be discussed and agreed based on the discussions within the preparation team during the first joint preparatory meeting in May (see Preparatory process below).

The rapporteur is expected to have:

  • sound experience in analysing, summarising and drafting reports of a more complex nature.
  • relevant knowledge of European youth work, developments, trends and the role of different stakeholders of the European youth work community
  • Excellent writing skills in English language

Links to examples of former work should be provided in the application form.

Working conditions

Preparatory Process

Facilitators and rapporteur are expected to participate in a first joint online preparatory meeting in May 2021 of in total 2 ½ days.

Tentative dates: 1 full day on 3, 5 or 7 May and 3 half-days during the week of 17 – 21 May. Availability should be indicated in the application form.

This meeting will serve to clarify the role and tasks of facilitators, rapporteur and other team members, prepare the programme structure, in particular the framework for presentations of contributions and accompanying learning processes, the methodological approach, including aspects of digital and residential learning environments and tools, expected outcomes, as well as the further preparatory process. It will also serve to define the structure, logic and expected outcomes of the report.

The further preparatory process, including other probably mostly online meetings, will be defined by the preparation team.

Participation in all preparatory meetings constitutes an important part of the preparatory process and is therefore obligatory.


Travel costs and full board & lodging related to potential residential preparatory meetings and to the EAYW will be covered by the organisers.

The selected facilitators will each receive a fee of 3.720 EUR upon completion of all tasks.

The rapporteur will receive a fee of 4.650 EUR upon completion of all tasks.

Team composition

The facilitators and the rapporteur will work closely together with the organisational team, in particular the coordinator of the EAWY. 

Proposals for the programme and report are submitted to and further developed based on the comments of the EAYW Steering Group, which takes all final decisions regarding the event. The Steering Group is composed of representatives of the participating National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres. 

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 14 April 2021
How to apply:

All applicants must fill in the online application form available at 

The application requires a registration in the MySALTO system. If applicants do not have a MySALTO profile yet, the page will direct them to the registration.

Applications should highlight the background of the candidates in relation to the theme of the EAYW, (current trends and developments and innovation in youth work in Europe); indication of examples of earlier work will be requested.

Requirements include broad knowledge about current developments and structures in European youth work, conceptual thinking and, for the facilitators, affinity to innovative and creative training and facilitation methods and approaches.

Applicants will be selected on the basis of their competences and suitability for the required tasks, with reference to the selection criteria above.

For any questions please contact:

Sonja Mitter Škulj, MOVIT, Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+, youth chapter, Email: , Tel: + 386 (0)1 430 47 47

You will be informed about the selection by: 23 April 2021


For more information

Sonja Mitter Skulj, EAYW coordinator
Phone: 0038614304747


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