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Europe in transition: Perspectives on cultural diversity in a changing Europe

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Application deadline:

Monday 16 October (Midday UK time)



SALTO Cultural Diversity wishes to appoint an experienced editor, who will manage preparation of its new publication, Europe in transition: perspectives on cultural diversity in a changing Europe - a collection of think-pieces on cultural diversity in contemporary Europe.



In the ten years since the crisis in financial institutions led to economic recession, Europe has seen profound social change. Young people have been particularly affected - by endemic levels of unemployment, lack of access to housing and an overall sense of exclusion from decision-making. The arrival in many European countries of large numbers of migrants - of whom the majority are young people - has further strained relations within families, local communities and nations.

This is the context for widespread debate on what it means to be European, how Europe sees itself and how young people in Europe see their future. Diversity - by no means a new phenomenon in Europe - is the term often co-opted by commentators and opinion-formers from different parts of the political spectrum to support their own vision of Europe.

What role is there in such debates for youth workers and others with responsibility for young people's non-formal learning? How can they prepare themselves to support young people in responding to Europe's increased diversity? What kind of access to information and ideas on diversity will meet the needs of young European citizens - in developing their sense of purpose, ability to connect with others and confidence in their own identity.

Aim and objectives of publication

SALTO CD will publish in December 2017 a series of think-pieces on cultural diversity in contemporary Europe, in order to encourage and inform dialogue among youth practitioners and youth organisations.

The publication is intended to:

  • inform and provide insight on issues and approaches in relation to cultural diversity;
  • engage and encourage readers in critical reflection;
  • challenge readers in their assumptions and inspire action;
  • contribute to policy by stimulating discussion and recommendations;
  • promote diversity and inclusion in countries across Europe.

The target audience will include: educators, policy influencers and decision-makers, researchers, social activists, youth and community workers.

Topics to be covered, with particular reference to young people, include:

1. Diversity and identity – including the impact of gender

2. Diversity and disability

3. Human rights – awareness and use of legal frameworks

4. Inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue

5. Peace-building – especially in societies emerging from or vulnerable to conflict

6. Refugees and migrants – including the situation of established minorities

7. Resistence to diversity: discrimination, racism and xenophobia

8. Social enterprise and minorities.

These will be addressed through analysis of data, case-studies, impact assessment and critical reflection. Contributors will be expected to describe challenges in aspects of diversity, as listed above, and approaches that have shown a positive impact on young people’s empowerment, initiative and democratic participation. Contributions can draw on experience in all forms of youth and young people’s non-formal learning – including in arts and sport. The publication will also list published and online material to support practical follow-up.

Requested trainer profile

Profile of editor

We are looking for an editor/coordinator with the following:

1. Knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity issues and policy priorities in Europe – especially in the context of youth work and young people’s non-formal learning

2. Significant experience in editing and writing for publications, journals or other media in the English language

3. Access to information sources and networks that can provide (international) data and information in the the area of cultural diversity

4. Excellent written English


Working conditions

The person appointed to the role of editor for this publication will receive a fee of €2,900 from SALTO Cultural Diversity. Fees will be discussed directly with the successful applicant and will take into account the time spent working on the publication. Additional costs incurred in completing the tasks required (such as, travel to and from meetings) will be re-imbursed by SALTO CD. All payments will be made on presentation of an invoice, once the final draft of the publication has been submitted in line with SALTO CD requirements.

Team composition

SALTO Cultural Diversity wishes to appoint an experienced editor, who will manage preparation of its new publication, Europe in transition: Perspectives on cultural diversity in a changing Europe.

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: Monday 16 October (Midday UK time)
How to apply:

  • Expressions of interest for the role of editor should be submitted to SALTO Cultural Diversity by Monday 16 October (Midday UK time). Submissions should include: CV, covering letter (500 words max.). This should highlight your motivation for undertaking this assignment and how your experience and skills meet the profile above. You should also include examples of work undertaken on related projects in the last three years.
  • Selection of the editor will be confirmed by Friday 20 October.
You will be informed about the selection by: Friday 20 October


For more information

Elena Lazarou/Miro Fernandez, Project Officer/Project Manager
Phone: 02920 924377


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