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Call for trainers „Erasmus+ and ESC INCLUSION LAB”

Estonian National Agency (NA EE) is looking for

We are looking for two trainers to implement the networking TC.

Application deadline:




This training course aims to bring together professionals working with young people who are not in employment or training and wanting to develop project idea under programmes Erasmus+: Youth in Action and/or European Solidarity Corps involving those young people.  This training course aims is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop their own inclusion (with focus on young people in NEET situation) project under programmes Erasmus+: Youth in Action or European Solidarity Corps.

Time and place

The networking training will take place during the first weeks of May 2020 in Estonia. The dates will be decided together with the trainers. 

Participants profile

This activity is open for youth workers and educators working with this target group, and who are interested and motivated to become a part of a network to give international opportunities to young people in NEET situation.

We also welcome people who already have experience in international youth work through Erasmus+ Youth in Action and are planning to open their projects for young people in NEET situations.

Maximum of 30 participants are welcomed to the TC.


This training course is organized in the framework of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA’s Strategic Partnership on Inclusion (SPI). The main objective of this partnership is to improve and increase the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the programme, in line with the Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in the field of youth. This partnership fosters sustainable engagement and capacity building of organizations either already working with young people with fewer opportunities in international activities through E+: YiA and European Solidarity Corps or those organizations planning to do so. One of the three target groups that the partnership is focusing on is young people in NEET situation.

An important part of international cooperation is a strong network of organizations, especially when it comes to the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities. Many organizations struggle with this and therefore we host training to support the creation of those networks.


  • to get awareness of project possibilities in Erasmus+: Youth in Action or European Solidarity Corps;
  • to gain understanding of principles of high quality inclusion projects;
  • to increase the number of high quality inclusion projects (with focus on young people in NEET situation);
  • to support participants with the practical aspects of the project development and management: project cycle, finance management, application forms, content design etc;
  • to create environment for existing and/or potential partnership development.

This training course is designed in a way to give participants a lot of practical learning through work with real project application forms.

Requested trainer profile

We are looking for two trainers. From the trainers we expect:

  • experience as a trainer on the international level in the youth and inclusion field (minimum of 3 years);
  • experience in working with young people in the inclusion field;  
  • good knowledge and experience of Erasmus + Youth in Action/ European Solidarity Corps;
  • very good level of spoken and written English.

Preference is given to trainer's coming from Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Czech Republic and United Kingdom!

The Trainers Tasks are as follows

  • Participating in the prep meeting online or in Tallinn, Estonia;
  • Finalizing the design of the training course;
  • Preparation of the training (including preparation of the materials participants receive before, during and/or after the TC);
  • Carrying out a quality TC  (4 days);
  • To design, develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation of the TC;
  • Analyzing the TC and filling in the final report.

Working conditions

The TC is planned for 4 working days. The NA will pay for international training 450 per working day + and a lump sum of 225 euros for all preparation, documentation and evaluation + 225 euros per preparation meeting day. All together max 2475 euros (incl taxes). 

The NA’s will cover travel, food and accommodation for the international training and preparation meeting (it will be decided together if the meeting will happen online or in Estonia at the beginning of March). 

This trainer fee will be paid based on the invoice. All the taxes have to be paid by the trainer

Team composition

The TC will be developed in an international team of NA's and two trainers. The TC will be implemented by two trainers.

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 12.02.2020
How to apply:

To apply please send following documents to Kaisa Mihklepp (  

  • The CV (please highlight the experience expected for this TC, f.e. your experiences as an international trainer);
  • Letter of motivation describing also your connection with the theme and work in the inclusion field and previous similar training courses (no more than one A4). 
You will be informed about the selection by: 19.02.2020

For more information

Kaisa Mihklepp, Project manager of SPI
Phone: + 372 56739512


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