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Call for a researcher to provide a mapping and analysis of research on (youth) volunteering in Europe.

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Within the Strategic National Agencies Cooperation (SNAC) on Volunteering the SALTO European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre (SALTO ESC) and its partners want to develop a holistic overview on and an in-depth insight in existing research (analysis, evaluations, studies) on (youth) volunteering programmes and policies in Europe.  

The need 

Numerous research and studies in the youth and volunteering field have been conducted over the last years.  In order to make better use of existing research and to make outcomes usable within our network, we are starting a process 

  • to gain a holistic overview of research that has been conducted in recent years 
  • to identify the common ground and differences in existing research that is relevant to the European Solidarity Corps programme 
  • to get an in-depth analysis of specific elements that will allow us to advocate for better conditions for ESC volunteering and engagement of young people. For example, looking into the value, perception and recognition of (youth) volunteering in different regions as well as the legal situation of volunteers in European countries 


  • Mapping of research on (youth) volunteering programmes and policies on European level (and where feasible on national level).  
  • Definition of comparable indicators for existing analysis of (youth) volunteering programmes and policies (together with the Steering Group of the SNAC).  
  • Comparison and analyses of existing research based on the agreed indicators. 
  • Presentation of first ideas (outline of the analysis) at the kick-off meeting in Gdansk 13th to 15th of September (preferable on site, in exceptional cases also online is possible).  
  • Ongoing updates and exchange with SALTO ESC RC. 
  • Reporting 


  • A report including a topic overview (including clarification of key terms and actors, identification of the main research challenges, outline of existing measures, …) as well as an annotated bibliography based on the mapping that will be published for the network. 
  • Draft proposal of a list of indicators for comparing and analysing youth volunteering programmes and policies in Europe  
  • Presentation during our partner’s meeting in Gdansk, September 2022 together with drafts for the research mapping and indicators 
  • Comparable overview of (youth) volunteering programmes and policies in Europe based on indicators (defined together with the project partners). 
  • Final narrative report on the research process, including insights regarding the state-of-the-art of the research topic and recommendations for follow-up by the researcher.  

All texts should keep in mind the target group that includes non-academic readers, keep the style simple and comprehensive! 

For all publications, proofreading and design/layout will be organized separately by SALTO ESC in order to conform with the CVI of SALTO. SALTO ESC might take individual elements of the results and use them for social media etc. 

Requested trainer profile

The researcher(s) shall:  

  • Be familiar with (youth) volunteering programmes in Europe, especially the European Solidarity Corps programme (context and overall content) 
  • Have significant experience in the field of research and analysis  
  • Have an analytical approach to their work 
  • Have an excellent command of the written English language 

Working conditions

  • The work should start within a month after the selected service provider has been informed. A kick-off meeting with the team of SALTO ESC should be organized in that timeframe. 
  • Unless mutually agreed otherwise, all communication is foreseen online (email, zoom, MS teams) and work is done remotely. 
  • The entire research process should be completed by February 2023. 
  • The specific timeline with the concrete milestones should be agreed mutually with the team of SALTO ESC. 
  • SALTO ESC provides a remuneration of the work with a lump sum maximum of 10.500 € (calculation based on 30 working days for 350 € / day - including taxes and duties, the contractor will pay VAT where applicable).   

Team composition

The service provider can apply as individual expert, a team of experts or a company. The provider will work closely with the team of SALTO ESC.

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 15.07.2022
How to apply:

The expert can apply as an individual, a team of experts or a company.   

Your offer should include:  

  • a CV, (in case of teams or a company, the CV of at least one team member)  
  • References to relevant previous work  
  • an abstract of your proposed concept 
  • Timeline with milestones and overview of working days (max 30). 

For further clarifications regarding this call, please contact no later than 5 days before the deadline.   


Selection procedure: 

  • SALTO ESC reserves the option to invite a small number of shortlisted offers to short online interviews before making a final decision. 
  • SALTO ESC will choose the partner based on offer on price/proposed number of working days (20%), experience/expertise (40 %) as well as the quality of your proposal (40%). 
  • SALTO ESC intends to announce the selected offer no later than mid-August 2022. 
You will be informed about the selection by: 10.08.2022

For more information

Christine Weil, Project Coordinator
Phone: +43153408715


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