U-Turn: A Learning Journey for Trainers in the Youth Field

Trainers who are active in the field come from various backgrounds and have taken different paths. They learn and develop in their own training projects and gain experiences in local, regional or national youth work settings. U-Turn is a one week course and gives participants the opportunity to deepen their professional practice and to support better adding a European dimension to their work.

In U-Turn, trainers are given the opportunity to develop competences and explore facilitators of learning processes, which contributes to the quality development of youth work on a local, national and European level.

The 1st edition of U-Turn took place from 12-18 March 2016 in Estonia. The application deadline was 15 December 2015. For further information you can find the call for participants here, the report of the course will be published at a later stage.

The 2nd editon of U-Turn should take place in spring 2017 in the Czech Republic.

The 3rd edition of U-Turn should take place in spring 2018 in Germany.


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