Training of Trainers for European YiA projects

The Training of Trainers for European Youth in Action projects contains several elements and approaches to run this course, find below the description of some of them.

ToT Research: What Supports Learning
Throughout the 2012/2013 edition of the Training of Trainers an integrated participatory action-research project was designed to research into what supports learning in the ToT; some of the evaluated features are described in mire details below. 

ToT & Blended Learning
ToT is a 10 month learning process supported by 5 different learning environments complementing each other.

ToT Evaluation and Communication strategy
The long term training course ToT requires a bit more complex strategy what to evaluate when and how to communicate what with whom during and after the courses.

ToT Mentoring Principles
Each participant in ToT has the great opportunity to be supported in his/her "learning path" by a mentor - in practice by one of the ToT trainers.

ToT Team Guiding Principles
The team of trainers of the ToT negotiated guiding principles of the team work and approach regarding this course.

ToT L2L Interview
This tool was developed within a research project in adulte education and supports adult learners to reflect about their learning biography

Guiding questions on Training Programme Design
This handout summarizes the most essential questions a team should ask themselves when going through a thorough programme design process.

Programme Guide of Erasmus+ Youth in Action
ToT participants should be familar with the Programme Guide of Youth in Action, it will not be discovered during the training course.

Training Practice Project (TPP)

This guide gives generalised time line for the TPPs, which the participants of ToT need to implement during their training cycle between seminar 2 and 3.


The following downloads are available:

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