Roles & Tasks of WG

The tasks of the WG are based on the needs of National Agencies, QL assessors and the DG EAC.

Supporting role

  • Identification of existing resources and development of new ones, that support the network in their quality work
  • Stimulate communication and exchange of experience and practise in the NA network
  • Provide space to exchange resources and tools
  • Harmonize tools where applicable
  • Contribute to meetings and trainings for assessors
  • Inspire QL officers to further develop and improve their system
  • Further develop effective and high quality QL assessment procedures

Advocacy role

  • Act as Intermediate between involved stakeholder
  • Give feedback on E-Forms, templates and other suggestions from the Commission
  • Provide recommendations for NAs and Commission to further improve the QL procedure

The WG is not

  • a decision making body
  • taking over the role of NAs/SALTOs
  • a support structure for the general Programme implementation
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