Europe talks Solidarity

The series of events aims to gather expertise on solidarity, create a space for discussion and highlight different angles and perspectives.

1st Europe talks Solidarity, April 2020

Due to the Corona crises the first event had to be moved online. It consists of numerous online events, inlcuding:

  • The launch of the "4Thought on Solidarity" report
  • Workshop on "Solidarity within EU Programmes"
  • Webinars and Podcasts to discuss Solidarity from different perspectives
Date Event Link to the event Documentation Graphic documenation
21.04.2020 Launch of "4Thought for Solidarity" Facebook Event Recording Graphic facilitation
07.05.2020 Workshop on Solidarity Facebook event Recording  

We gathered all relevant information and documents for you here, feel free to have a look around and explore:

One of the main priorities of our work as Resource Centre is to contribute to a common narrative on the concept Solidarity within the Solidarity Corps Programme and beyond. We aim to stimulate thinking about solidarity, it´s relevance in Europe and in international youth work and hope to motivate actors to engage and act in solidarity in, with and through their projects.

A need to have a common ground on a clear definition of what solidarity means came from the European Solidarity Corps which has been up and running in different corners of Europe. The idea was that this common ground would bring clarity and a frame to the continued implementation of the European Solidarity Corps and would help different stakeholders to orientate themselves within its frame.

The narrative soon got a name: ‘4Thought for Solidarity’.

Download Reports and other documents
Image Full report "4Thoughts for Solidarity"(by Snežana Bačlija Knoch and Susie Nicodemi)
Download images and pictures
"Common ground on solidarity in a picture" (by Coline Robins)
"The long way to the common ground on solidartiy in a picture" (by Coline Robins)
Graphic facilitation of the Launch of "4Thoughts for Solidarity" by Olalla González
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1st video about "4Thought for Solidarity"
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