Europe talks Solidarity

The series of events and publications aims to gather expertise on solidarity, create a space for discussion and highlight different angles and perspectives.

Europe talks Solidarity

One of the main priorities of our work as Resource Centre is to contribute to a common narrative on the concept Solidarity within the Solidarity Corps Programme and beyond. We aim to stimulate thinking about solidarity, its relevance in Europe and in international youth work and hope to motivate actors to engage and act in solidarity in, with and through their projects.

Explore our latest 14 articles on solidarity from different perspectives. Please note that all articles were written in summer 2020 and in the light of the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Author: Özgehan Şenyuva It’s a lovely neighbourhood: Europe Goes Local (PDF)

Author: Gilles Buffet Solidarity within the European Solidarity Corps (PDF)

Author: Jekatyerina Dunajeva Trans-border Solidarity: Romani Movement towards a Stronger Europe (PDF)

Author: Amr Arafa European Solidarity Corps Projects in Neighbouring SouthMed Countries (PDF)

Author: Oana Nestian Sandu Systemic Discrimination and Sustainable Solidarity (PDF)

Authors: Elisabeth te Hennepe, Rob van Leeuwen A new framework for online solidarity (PDF)

Author: Fergal Barr Solidarity as the ‘cornerstone’ of social cohesion in a deeply divided society. Northern Ireland (PDF)

Author: Jovana Skrijel (De)constructing solidarity for international youth work (PDF)

Author: Rebecca Petz Achieving Solidarity Through Peace Education? (PDF)

Author: Dragan Atanasov Youth workers, the agents of solidarity (PDF)

Author: Alexandra Sipos EU Youth Strategy and the European Youth Goals – can they help in achieving solidarity? (PDF)

Authors: Eva Feldmann-Wojtachnia, Barbara Tham The understanding of solidarity of young people in the European Solidarity Corps (PDF)

Author: Marina Codorniu Matas Solidarity-based solutions to the increasing vulnerability of young people in Europe (PDF)

Author: Peter Mitchell A Bridge to Inclusion: Empowering Marginalised Target Groups Through Solidarity Projects (PDF)

The Europe talks Solidarity online events include:

  • The launch of the "4Thought on Solidarity" report
  • Workshop on "Solidarity within EU Programmes"
  • Articles on Solidarity from different perspectives

Date Event Link to the event Documentation Graphic documenation
21.04.2020 Launch of "4Thought for Solidarity" Facebook Event Recording Graphic facilitation
07.05.2020 Workshop on Solidarity Facebook event Recording  

We gathered all relevant information and documents for you here, feel free to have a look around and explore:

Download Reports and other documents
Image Full report "4Thoughts for Solidarity" (by Snežana Bačlija Knoch and Susie Nicodemi)
Download images and pictures
"Common ground on solidarity in a picture" (by Coline Robins)
"The long way to the common ground on solidartiy in a picture" (by Coline Robins)
Graphic facilitation of the Launch of "4Thoughts for Solidarity" by Olalla González
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