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Solidarity is about encounters. Take advantage of the opportunities to meet with those with whom you want to build solidarity. Check out the events and register. You learn, you build a community. One for all, all for one, with no one left behind!

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Very soon we will publish opportunities for new training and seminars on connected topics.

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New events will be published during this year (2019).

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Athanasia Ntinaki, 05.09.19 21:36

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My name is Athanasia Ntinaki from Greece. I graduated from the psychology department and i am really interested in humanitarian field, and also becoming a trainer in Erasmus projects. How can i get involved? Is there a training fitting in my profile?

Kind regards,
Athanasia Ntinaki

Yusuf Kaya, 01.12.19 01:30


Türkiye de adım Yusuf kaya ben insan haklarını araştırmak istiyorum bu projede banada yer varmı

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