How to apply?

Applications for funding of projects from the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme are submitted using electronic application forms, with several deadlines for applications every year. Before the first application, each organization must acquire a Participant Identification Code (PIC) by creating a profile for the organization on a special portal of the European Commission. More information on the application procedure, application forms and all the necessary documents can be found in the Programme Guide of the relevant year.

The projects applied in the Erasmus+ Programme Countries are submitted primarily to the relevant National Agency in the country. Applications for the centralized actions of the Erasmus+ Programme, including the projects granted within the Western Balkans Youth Window, are submitted to the European Commission's Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency.

Accordingly, organizations from Partner Countries in the Western Balkans can apply for projects under the Western Balkans Youth Window, or be partners in projects under certain actions applied for to a National Agency or the EACEA by their project partner based in a Programme Country.

In addition to the eligibility criteria specific for each action and / or activity type, project proposals are assessed according to the award criteria reflecting the quality aspects of the proposal. The institutions responsible for the selection also carry out the assessment according to the specific exclusion and selection criteria to ensure the applicant fulfils the financial regulations of the European Union and has sufficient financial and operational capacity to complete the proposed project.

The financing mechanisms applicable within the Erasmus+ Programme as well as the funding rules concerning all activities are listed in the Programme Guide of the relevant year.

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