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Here you can find various practical information on the implementation of EVS projects.

Information kit: Providing On-arrival training to short-term EVS volunteers

As you know within the new programme Erasmus+ On-arrival training for EVS volunteers hosted in the hosting organizations for 2 months or less is no longer organized by SALTOs or National agencies, but has become the responsibility of the hosting organizations. Because of frequent questions we prepared a short overview that can help you in organizing this training for your volunteers. Please use Information kit: Providing On-arrival training to short-term EVS volunteers in supporting your hosted EVS volunteers. 


New provider of EVS insurance – Cigna 

From 1st August 2015 European Commission has chosen a new provider of insurance for volunteers going on their EVS projects. Here you can find the instructions for enrolling EVS volunteers under Erasmus+ EVS projects starting from 1st August 2015.

Any questions concerning the enrolment procedure should be addressed to the EACEA (). 

For more details on the insurance, reimbursement procedures and other, please consult the guide here. For a quick overviwe of coverage please see this document

Information kit: Preparing the volunteer for the EVS project abroad

As you know within the new programme Erasmus+ pre-departure training is no longer organized by SALTOs or National agencies, but has become the responsibility of the sending organizations. Because of frequent questions we prepared a short overview that can help you in organizing this training for your volunteers. Please use Information kit: Preparing the volunteer for the EVS project abroad in supporting your sent EVS volunteers. 


Erasmus+ On-line linguistic support (OLS)

EVS volunteers under Erasmus+ who will take part in EVS projects longer than two months are entitled prior to departure and during the activity to get language support. This can be either in the form of the online language learning or language learning provided by a host organization in the local environment where the voluntary service takes place. Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is currently available in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Online learning is comprised of an initial online check and final verification, by which the volunteer can check the progress in the language, which (s)he was learning. At the moment OLS is available for EVS volunteers having their EVS in countries where native languages are one of the above (example: Serbian EVS volunteer in Belgium). Exceptionally, OLS is available also for EVS volunteers who have EVS projects in other countries, provided the desired language is the working language of the project (example: Italian language for Turkish EVS volunteers in Albania). Please check the web page of the OLS and the promotional video.



Important information regarding insurance for EVS volunteers

The European Commission has selected a new insurance provider for future EVS projects. We would like to inform you about some consequences that this change will have for you as a beneficiary of a granted EVS project.


The closing date for the EVS Insurance Scheme, managed by MSH/AXA, is 31/12/2015. This means that ALL volunteers selected to participate in projects granted under the Youth in Action programme must be registered for insurance no later than 31/12/2015 – including volunteers who will only begin their EVS service in 2016.

2. ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME (until 31/07/2015)

The temporary provision of insurance services for EVS volunteers in Erasmus+ projects, managed by MSH/AXA, will end on 31/07/2015. Erasmus+ project beneficiaries with EVS mobility activities (usually Sending organizations) are requested to register already selected volunteers before this date.

3. ERASMUS+ (as from 01/08/2015)

The new insurance service provider will start offering its services as of 1st August 2015. The On-line service platform will be introduced progressively in the coming weeks. Instructions for registering volunteers as of 1st August will be circulated as soon as available.


New: Database of volunteering opportunities on EYF 

Besides the Database of EVS accredited organisations which lists organisations accredited to run EVS projects you can now find on the European Youth Forum (EYF) web page also volunteering Opportunities Database (VOD). This is a new database that provides useful tool to EVS organizations as well as young people.

The main purpose of this new database is to:

•    Reduce the number of inquiries and requests received from potential volunteers when organizations do not have vacancies or are not looking for new volunteers and

•    Help organizations in the promotion of new projects when they have vacancies and are looking for new volunteers.

The VOD is available only for organisations accredited under Erasmus+ (so since 2014) and can be accessed with ECAS profile (with it you generated your PIC). Detailed instructions for use of the database can be found on our website: (please see the guides on right side of the page). 

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