Erasmus+: Youth in Action

The Erasmus+ Programme provides various possibilities for young people, youth workers and youth policy makers to cooperate, gain competences and be proactive in building a sustainable and democratic European society. Activities targeting the youth field are referred as “Erasmus+: Youth in Action”. In addition to the aims common to the Programme as a whole, Erasmus+: Youth in Action functions as an important instrument to put into practise the European Union Youth Strategy 2010 – 2018.

Building competences and strengthening capacity in the European field of youth 

The current socio-economic challenges in Europe have had a multiple effect in the younger generations. High rates of youth unemployment, uncompleted education and marginalisation of a large number of young people is an acute problem faced to a different extent by all European countries. The Erasmus+: Youth in Action addresses these challenges through non-formal learning activities, such as Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service and Youth Workers' Training and Networking, which aim at enhancing the active citizenship and empowerment of the European youth, supporting the development of competences of young people and youth workers, and strengthening the organisational capacity and overall professionalization of the structures in the field of youth.

There is also a need to support modernisation and innovation of the youth systems and practises in Europe. The Erasmus+ Youth in Action supports strategic partnerships in the field of youth, providing different actors in the field with a possibility to cooperate in sustainable partnerships in order to implement innovative practises leading to increased quality and institutional reformation.

Meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth, as a part of Structured Dialogue aim to foster discussions and exchange between young people and youth policy-makers, experts and public authorities in the frame of the priorities of the Structured Dialogue and the European Union Youth Strategy in order to achieve results, which are useful for youth policy-making.

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