Control and supportive measure

Checks of Volunteering accreditations and supporting accredited organizations in the Western Balkan countries

SALTO SEE as an institution coordinating the process of the accreditation within Western Balkans has also a role of checking and supporting the accredited volunteering organizations.

With this measure SALTO SEE aims to:

  • to check whether organizations are implementing EVS/E+ Volunteering projects in accordance to the their EVS/ E+ Volunteering accreditation, granted by SALTO SEE RC;
  • establish regular contact with and provide feedback and tailored support to the organizations;
  • contribute to the continuous rise of the quality of EVS/E+ Volunteering projects implemented in the region.

Description of the process

The process is implemented mainly through the following three methods:

  • Email communication 
  • Telephone contact 
  • Control & supportive visits of the organizations (visits are implemented by our team of accreditors, with the aim to assess your past performance and support you for the future; in general two accreditors will vist the organization – principle of four eyes; accreditors will produce a visit report and share it with SALTO SEE ; several organizations will be visited in same region at the same time (clustering method); after a visit result letter with findings and recommendations will be produced by accreditors and SALTO SEE and shared with visited organizations)

Important information in case of the Control & supportive visit​

In order to get as holistic picture as possible, we ask you to assure the presence of all relevant persons connected to EVS/E+ volunteering:  coordinator, mentor, hosted/sent volunteers, and all other staff involved in the work with EVS/E+ volunteers.

Elements that will be assessed by the visiting accreditor(s):

- Activities of the volunteer / s

- Accommodation

- Food

- Pocket money

- Support to the hosted volunteers (organizational, human resources, evaluation and recording of the learning objectives, the Youthpass process, etc.).

- Support to the sent volunteers (prior to departure, during the mobility and after return)

- Specific support offered to EVS/E+ volunteers considered as young people with fewer opportunities

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