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Archive of former SALTO Participation publications related to the participation of young people in democratic life. Please note that this list is not being updated anymore.

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Please note that the Youth Participation magazine 2007 and the DVD can only be ordered online!

2015 Participation Magazine

2014 Participation Magazine

Amplify participation of young people in Europe! Recommendations for policy and practice

Young people, entrepreneurship and non-formal learning: A work in progress

2013 Participation Magazine

Building our citizen muscle

Pedagogic booklet on the management of Youth Democracy projects (sub-action 1.3 of the "Youth in Action" programme)


A manifesto for giving (National) Youth Initiatives a place in the future programme for education, training, youth and sport (2014-2020)

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2012 Participation Magazine

2010 Participation Magazine

Good connection

Based on the experience developed within the TC module GET in NET (network training), this publication is aimed at providing practical information, advice, and examples of good practices and methods to support the implementation of good quality transnational Youth Initiative projects.

Youth Influence: A real deal

This booklet is the result of a joint venture, a seminar, between the Swedish National Agency for the Youth in Action Programme, SALTO-YOUTH Participation Resource Centre and the Swedish municipality of Jönköping.
The seminar was entitled "Youth Influence at local level". Youth workers from sixteen European countries shared good practice on how to implement methods of youth influence within different national structures and political frameworks


The purpose of this issue of the magazine is to give the floor to those who have developed actions and projects aimed at increasing the possibility for young people to take an active part in society. In the following pages, you will find some inspiring projects which have been supported by National Agencies over the past two years.


Booklet on Action 1.3 Youth Democracy projects: "Put your imprint on society"

Based on the activities developed by SALTO-YOUTH Participation Resource Centre since 2007, this publication intend to define what is a Youth Democracy project, gives some examples of realised projects and provides tips to support their implementation.



Where is my coach

other language version(s) available for download: ES

5 years have gone by since coaching was promoted as a way of supporting Youth Initiative projects. The time has now come to take a look at national practices in programme countries, to share them between us and to see how coaching could improve youth participation in any youth projects within the frame of the Youth in action programme.

Coaching guide Youth Initiatives & Participation

The 'Coaching Guide' - Youth Initiatives & Participation

other language versions available for download:  LVHR - CZ - FR - ES- EE

This guide is an attempt to come to a common understanding on how to provide support and advice to groups of young people running Youth Initiative projects. The 5 chapters include:
1. Key concepts like Youth Initiatives and Active Participation
2. Perspectives to reflect on the role of a coach and implications of the coaching effects
3. How coaching might be structured and elements and methods within the frame of youth work
4. Different dimensions of participation with some hints and advice to act in concrete situations
5. Examples of Youth Initiatives and related coaching experiences
6. Selection of methods, techniques and instruments to be used when coaching Youth Initiatives.

Magazine "Participation", ed.2007

Participation Magazine, Sept.2007

This Magazine is a celebration of projects carried out by young Europeans within the framework of the YOUTH programme. The magazine is meant for all of you interested in Youth Initiatives projects!

'Youth in Action 3' magazine - Issue 3

"Youth in action 3" Magazine, 2006

Special issue on the PARTICIPATION of European youth in society, in their community, in projects of their own, in civil society... Get an European overview of what's available to help get you involved, get you inspired by projects developed by committed young people and get some support to start it all by yourself!

Magazine Youth in Action 3 - issue 2

"Youth in action 3" Magazine, 2005

This issue focuses on Networking projects with articles from all the different actors involved in Networking. You'll find technical inputs from Action 3 officers from National Agencies, practical information from youth workers, and grassroot testimonies by young people themselves: all of those at the very heart of the Networking machine!

'Youth in Action 3' magazine - Issue 1

"Youth in action 3" Magazine, 2004

In the magazine, you will find reflections from National Agency Officers, Youth workers, Youth trainers working with Youth Initiatives as well as some good practices and valuable experiences of the young beneficiaries themselves.

Youth Initiatives DVD

Youth Initiatives DVD: European action in 2 words

Feel free to order it online !

In this video, you'll get direct testimonies of young Europeans who have carried out their own projects: Helena set up a film festival in Estonia, Gokse from Turkey organised a seminar on Aids and HIV, Simon is committed in cultural projects gathering deaf and hearing people in France... You'll also hear the opinions of officers in National Agencies managing this action in Europe and learn about opportunities at the European level.

2 versions are available : 1 long version (12.27') and 1 short version (5.24')

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