Entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship in the "Erasmus+:Youth in Action" programme

Find out more about SALTO Participation's initiatives in the field of (social) entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning.

A sense of initiative and entrepreneurship is one of the eight key competences for lifelong learning, helping young people in their daily lives, in the work place, and serving as a basis for establishing a social or a commercial activity.

The ‘Erasmus+:Youth in Action’ European programme features a range of measures which stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship.  ‘Erasmus+:Youth in Action’ activities prepare young people to be active, responsible, enterprising individuals by immersing them in real learning experiences, where they can plan and manage projects, adapt to changes, deal with risk, and acquire problem-solving skills. They also offer an excellent opportunity for promoting social entrepreneurship.

Awareness should be raised about the entrepreneurial potential of “Erasmus+: Youth in Action “projects and about the gained sense of initiative and entrepreneurship that help to increase young people’s chances in the increasingly competitive labour market.  It is important to underline that entrepreneurial skills also help young people adapt to other non-entrepreneurial careers.

SALTO Participation, together with the Polish "Youth in Action" National Agency and SALTO Inclusion, already took steps to create space for sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and good practices in the field of entrepreneurial learning by organising the “Get Inspired” seminar (19-24 April 2012, Konstancin - Jeziorna Poland). Its main aim was to commence, strengthen and stimulate international and cross-sectorial cooperation in the field of entrepreneurial learning for young people. It was also an opportunity to reflect on and explore the contribution of Youth in Action activities towards developing the entrepreneurial competences of young people and exchanging methodological approaches towards entrepreneurial education. For more information, please consult the report of the seminar.


The next step that SALTO Participation took was to produce a book on the contribution of youth work (non-formal learning) to fostering entrepreneurial learning among young people entitled "Young people, entrepreneurship and non-formal learning: a work in progress."

The book is a compilation of different points of view (contributions from different experts and practitioners) in order to give a clear overview of the subject. It is meant to be both a reflection paper and practical guide with best practices, advice and educational methods to be used by youth workers.


Furthermore, SALTO Participation organised together with the Italian, Hungarian and Swedish National Agencies a seminar entitled  “Get ready 4 youth entrepreneurship”. This activity was addressed to youth workers that can play a role in raising awareness among young people regarding the entrepreneurial potential of their “Youth in Action” projects.

Youth workers participating in the seminar had the opportunity to explore and learn ways for helping young people to follow-up their “Youth in Action” projects, in particular through youth initiatives, and set up their own business (e.g. social enterprise, NGO).

The seminar took place in Rome, Italy from 21 to 26 October 2013. Feel free to download the seminar report.

Inspired by the past events exploring the topic of entrepreneurship and youth work, and by the "Young people, entrepreneurship and non-formal learning: A work in progress" book , SALTO Participation together with the partner National Agencies decided that in 2014 special attention would be given to social entrepreneurship as an new way of participation both in social and economic life.

Building on our experience in working on entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship, the Romanian, Belgian-FR, Hungarian and Swedish Erasmus+: Youth in Action NAs, in co-operation with SALTO-YOUTH Participation organised a training course on social entrepreneurship called "Get ready for social entrepreneurship".

It was conceived as a learning by doing activity that would give participants the chance to, inter alia, present their project ideas and improve them by sharing them with the others. The training course took place in Predeal Romania from 9 to 14 June 2014. You can read the report here.


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ı am lookıng for partner

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In what sphere do you need a partner? Please let me know, as I have my business and maybe we can cooperate.

Charles Ikem, 05.08.15 11:01

Looking for startup Co-founder in Italy

I am looking for a partner to run an IT/Design hub for youths in Northern Italy. If interested or have other propositions, Please get in touch as well.

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I want to be a partner for an art project.I am waiting messages

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I want to write a project, or by a partner for it. The subject about health.
Also I'm waiting messages.

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I am looking for a partner to write a new project for my university.

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I want to open Salto National Agency in Albania, because a lot of youth wants to apply for Salto-s opportunities but in Albania we do not have NA.

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Sorry, I do not speak english well. I am looking for a partner.

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eğitim almak ve iş bulmak

Merhaba ben yurtdışına gitmek orada eğitim almak istiyorum maddi durumum iyi olmadığı için imkan bulamadım ingilizceyi az buçuk biliyorum fransızcayı da öyle lütfen yardımcı olur musunuz

Paul Rice, 18.11.17 12:51

Partners Needed for Entrepreneurial Project in France

We are looking for partners to join us in France April 2018 to October 2018 for an EVS project. Plus we will be proposing a Youth in Action program for our project you can read more about the project at the website or by visiting the partner finder at OTLAS

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