What does SALTO Participation & Information RC do?

The network of SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres was reorganised in 2017, and the renewed SALTO Participation & Information RC started operation on the 1st of January 2018 in Estonia. From 2007 till 2017, SALTO Participation RC was hosted by Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) in Belgium and SALTO Information RC was hosted by the Swedish National Agency.

The overall purpose of SALTO PI is to develop strategic and innovative action to encourage - in accordance with the goals of the EU Youth Strategy and the Erasmus+ Programme - youth participation in democratic life, including through:

  • fostering the involvement of young people in democratic decision-making; 
  • fostering youth participation in civic and social life through volunteering or taking up a role in youth organisations;
  • developing expertise on evolving trends in youth participation, including through digital means; 
  • developing expertise on young people's skills that enhance and underpin their effective participation, including media literacy, sense of initiative and communication;
  • providing guidance to and support for all NAs on state-of-the art strategies for reaching out to a higher number of young people, increasing quality and impact of information activities as well as their inclusiveness and the sustainability and transferability of project results.
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