Inclusion & Diversity in EU youth programmes

When it comes to the European Youth Programmes, Inclusion & Diversity has been one of the main priorities for a while and will continue beyond 2020!

ID beyond 2020

How to make EU youth programmes more inclusive?

  • current programmes end in 2020, a new generation of Erasmus and European Solidarity Corps will run 2021-2027
  • find out more on how to make this programmes more inclusive by checking the report of an expert seminar (April 2019, Mainz-Germany) and the main findings of an online surcey conducted by SALTO ID

How many inclusion projects are funded by the European Programmes for Youth?

  • Within the Youth in Action programme (2007-13), 47.3% of projects indicated that they addressed the priority of inclusion and
  • one in four participants had 'fewer opportunities' according to the applicants (Find more YiA inclusion statistics here).

European Youth Reports

Every three days, this "youth dashboard" presents a picture of young people across Europe with a focus on:

  • demography
  • education & training
  • employment & entrepreneurship
  • social inclusion
  • health & wellbeing
  • participation
  • voluntary activities
  • creativity & culture
  • youth & the world.

Based on these reports, the EU sets its Youth priorities for the following years.

  • Erasmus+


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