Inclusion Goes Local

A meeting to explore how to work for inclusion with municipalities. Hosted by the Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus+ YiA and co-organised with Europe Goes Local NA partnership.

Background information on the theme: working with municipalities for Inclusion

In May-June 2019 SALTO Inclusion & Diversity RC was engaged in few expert seminars (Mainz & Riga) and conducted a Europe-wide survey (N=284 respondents from NGOs and NAs) on Inclusion & Diversity in the future Erasmus programme and European Solidarity Corps. Valuable feedback and great ideas were collected from different inclusion experts – both from NGOs as well as National Agencies. 

As a result, one of the needs/recommendations that have been identified is the importance of involving municipalities in the inclusion work of the programmes:

“There is a big potential in involving municipalities and communities in international youth mobilities. If they could better see how the EU youth programmes impact the development and how they could contribute to the wellbeing of those communities and municipalities, they could take a leading role in bringing organisations together and support young people together in their development. There are nice examples of active and supportive local governments, who take on a coordinating role and create cooperation, inclusion and diversity within their municipality or region. Some municipalities or regions create international coordinators positions, others create community development facilitators. There are many ways to create opportunities for all their young people. If communities and municipalities would embrace international youth mobilities, inclusion and diversity would be more present in lives of young people.

There was a lot of emphasis on creating support in the direct environment of young people with fewer opportunities. Knowing about ESC or E+ does not make them ‘Go Europe!’. The environment needs to be convinced and being ready to support the youngster. Creating this support in the environment (by working with them too) is time consuming and needs financial support, especially when it is about inclusion groups.” (How to make the European Youth Programmes more inclusive”, report by SALTO Inclusion & Diversity, July 2019)

“The European Charter on Local Youth Work”, launched by the NA Strategic Partnership on local youth work: “Europe goes local” in June 2019, has identified the creation of an inclusive environment and supporting young people to overcome the obstacles, as one of the main needs of the local youth work. To be actively inclusive and offer different opportunities to all young people is also one of the core principles of the Charter.

Objectives of the Colleague Support Group

  • Discuss and reflect on how the charter supports inclusion
  • Explore ways of greater involvement of municipalities and communities in inclusive international youth mobilities
  • Create stronger bridges between local inclusion work and programmes
  • Share good practice projects (on how the EU youth programmes impact the development and contribute to the wellbeing of municipalities/communities and how municipalities embrace international youth mobilities)
  • Explore possibilities, processes, tools and strategies for local governments to support involvement of young people with fewer opportunities in international projects
  • Exchange ideas, share practices with managing the inclusion issues and learn from each other
  • Reflect on the role of inclusion & diversity officers and what NAs can do

Registration for NA officers is open until 15/01/2020!

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